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It seems that these terrorist groups are well financed. We’re the wealthiest nation in the world. What do you think about a private faction putting up large bounties ($100 million) for the elimination of these terrorist leaders. Money seems to dictate everything in the world. If it were attractive enough, maybe some of these terrorists’ closest allies would turn on their leaders to get paid off. Anyone out their willing to donate to an anti-terrorist fund? Let these PIGS clean up their own barn.

The problem with bounties (or strictly financed mercenaries) is that they are only loyal to themselves and/or the highest bidder. We need people who are loyal to the cause. The terrorists are loyal to their “religious” beliefs. Money won’t change them. But we already have the forces, we just need to deploy them.

It is a great fantasy…I dig the Boba Fett mehtod. Clean catch, clean kill.

I hope I’m not getting in the way of your meaningful discussion. I hate to disturb experts talking. But I just don’t see how money offered to bounty hunters, can solve the problems. Cause firstly you have to find them, contact them, and then find out if it’s money they need.
As everyone here knows, it’s not 1945. Your enemies may not be in Berlin, or whichever city you are about to surround with your troops. Given the fixation that some people have of associating terrorism with Islam, a terrorist may actually be living his life as a faithful Christian in some US or European city, while terrorist trackers scourge the deserts and mountains for him.

There is already a 5 million dollar or more bounty on Bin Laden dead or alive. An individual wouldn’t live to see the money.

You don’t need to contact the doer of the deed. Whoevever produces evidence of terminating the vermin gets the reward. He’s going to have to disappear or be terminated himself because of his fellow zealots. I can’t stand mamby-pambies who think that talking is going to accomplish anything and make the vermin behave. If talking about something accomplished anything I would be friggin’ huge because of the amount of time I discuss weight lifting and fitness. Actions speak louder than words. Bin Laden has a HUGE red cross-hair on his ass. You mamby-pambies, I think it would send a clear message to all terrorists if W himself terminated this clown. If you think otherwise, I’ll pay for your flight to Kubal.

Has anyone here seen the movie “Swordfish” ?

I was actually thinking of this thing about having the pig’s own men killing their leaders…but the thing is,u will die.
So u gotta be willing to suicide for a different cause and u will be seen as a martyr perhaps…

The bounty is up to $35 million. Doesn’t make a difference.