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Bouncing Out of the Hole During Front Squats


I’m finally managing to improve my front squat technique to something more or less acceptable.
During the last workout, I tried do descent at a controlled speed, then accelerate a bit close before parallel and “bounce” back. It wasn’t a divebomb kind of descent and I didn’t end up ass to grass - it just allowed me to go down below parallel a tad more than usual and get back quickly out of the hole.
It gave me no knee or back pain to do so. I was wondering if this is ok, should it be the norm, should I avoid it? Is it sustainable as weights increase?


There is a natural reflex/tightenening of ligaments when they have reached their full stretch. That reflex, when used correctly is very advantageous in performing a lift, especially a squat or clean.

The problem is when it is relied upon to be too great a percent of the power creation. If you miss the timing, you lose the rebound of the ligament/muscle and you’re not strong enough to lift the weight on strength alone.

You might not be accustomed to this, which is why you felt a little pain.

To answer your question, the bounce out of the hole is common, and has its place. But make sure you are doing enough work with control the change in direction from a strength aspect.


Thanks for the explanation, only thing: I felt NO knee or back pain (which I guess is a good thing :smiley: ).
Right now I’m running 5/3/1 with front squats as my main squat lift and I started off with a training max weight lower than my effective training max, on purpose to work on technique, so I have good control of the weights I’m using.
Would you say it’s a sensible approach to keep progressing and try to perfect this rebound/bounce?