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Bouncing - Looking for Info


My lifting partners and I are all turning 21 in the next couple months and have been contemplating trying to get hired on as bouncers/doormen at local bars. At the moment, I'm just kinda looking for some information on bouncing in general. How big do you generally have to be to get a job as one? Is it a good job or a bad one?
Pretty much just looking for information about the job at this point.

General info:
College Town of ~25,000 so no major riots or stabbings/shootings to worry about.
~20 miles from St. Louis, so a job there is always a possiblity as well though (I would try to avoid the rougher areas/east STL though).




Size isnt always a good thing. In fact, it marks you as the "one to put down" to all the little dudes.

The best way to get a bouncing hob is by becoming familiar with the staff at the the club. You have to spend a few weekends there to get to know them and how the scene works. It is kina hard to just go in off the street as an unkown and get hired....unless the place is brand new and has no identity yet.


We have plenty of small guys, they usually get hired because they have been around a while and have talked to the staff, established themselves as regulars etc etc.

Me? I called them during the day, they told me when to come in and brought a background check with me (you can't have any domestic violence/assault charges on record to be hired as security if I remember correctly) which helped set me apart and got the job that day.

It's a lot of fun, especially in a college down. Easy pussy/money but it will get old dealing with retards.

Especially black people like Count Rockula here.....

:wink: lol


Fuck you white boy



Had you established yourself as a regular as well by that point?
What do you mean, "brought a background check"? Did you hire a company to do one on you and bring in the results?
Also, what do you mean by small guys? When you're 285, pretty much everyone is small relative to you. lol. For reference, I'm sitting around 5'11" 190 right now.

Sorry for the barrage of questions. lol.


Nah, I had gone in like 3 times before that hammered as fuck and barely remember ever stepping foot inside up to that point, haha.

As for the background check, I really don't even think it's necessary but the guy I talked to on the phone told me if I got one it would help me out. Since working there I can't remember anyone else they've hired requiring one so I don't want you to think that it's mandatory I'm just telling you what I did. For the BGC I just went to the city police department, have them my social security card and ID and asked for a background check, cost $5 and they printed out my record.

haha, I'd say you are good to go for a college town bouncer man. You don't have to be huge, I was 235 when I first started.


I am a bouncer. Size helps with intimidation but it's not everything. Im only 5'9 but i weigh 270. Definitely one of the shorter bouncers around. not being "huge" can actually help in situations. Alot of drunk patrons won't feel the need to butt heads with a smaller bouncer as they won't feel the need to show Alpha Male colors, and instead will be more comfortable complying with you. If not then obviously you have backup just in case. You want to be good at "verbal judo" You need skills in detecting problems before they go out of control and then stop it from escalating any further. That could mean just walking up to the patrons involved and letting them know your presense is there. "is their a problem?" or seperating the two groups to opposite ends of the club/bar.One tactic i use when having to throw 2 groups of people out is make one group go out the front door and one out the back door. this could derail a fight from continuing outside.
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i remember when i was a college bouncer



I've got a couple buddies who are bouncers, neither of them are really big guys (one is maybe 6'3" 200, the other is like 4'9" 115*), and they do just fine. The thing that makes it is that they're both more than capable of handling themselves, but they're also easy going, likeable dudes. On the other hand, my 6'4" 300+ uncle USED TO be a bouncer, and he had all sorts of trouble even at his size because he's an asshole. Ponder.

*this is a slight exagerration. But he's no monster for sure lol


cool beans.


Are you willing to get violent when you have to or do you shy away from fights and confrontation? A friend of mine has been bouncing here in Lexington for years, and he's a big boy who can manhandle most of the clowns that frequent these bars (220, DLs 725, etc). But that didn't change the fact that during one altercation he got blind-sided and knocked out cold while he was handling someone, breaking his eye socket and nearly blinding him in that eye.

If you aren't prepared for that level of violence I would say stay away or find a nice cushy bar, otherwise you're doing the other bouncers a disservice.


You own a black T-shirt with the word "Security" written on it? Check.

You have a huge (albeit insecure) ego and biceps to match? Check.

You like to fuck shit up for the sheer delight in it? Check.

You're not particularly attractive but rather intimidating, looking like you have been in a fight or two? Check.

You got passed over on the police academy entrance exam and cannot serve in the military because you failed the "duck walk"? Check.

Congratulations, you're qualified to be a bouncer.


Obvi, I would try to do things peacefully to start off, but no, I wouldn't be scared to fight if it looked like that was the only option. I'm fully expecting that I'll probably get hit at least a couple times if I get one of these jobs.


Sounds like someone's been bounced before and holds a grudge.


Yea, me and Way raped him


I guess I have no shot at being a bouncer.



I have been bounced before but I don't hold a grudge because it's hard to find fault with a mentally handicapped person that does not know the difference between a man groping a female inappropriately and a husband trying to catch the attention of his wife in a crowded bar (the sad part was that she didn't even notice when I got "bounced").

I further don't hold a grudge because, well, I was a US Marine and probably had it coming.


I was a doorman in a college town, weighed 180, never had to fight anyone. Here comes the old man reminisence. Good, some money while in college, hang out at a popular bar with cute waitresses. Bad, drunk college kids. Ugly, going to school and seeing these same college kids all day in classes.


It depends on the environment. Small college town, no trouble? Sure, I can see you there. All you need a shirt and a pulse. No special qualifications.

Big city? No experience? No.

Size does matter and I don't care who tells you otherwise. Size does not make you a target. Intimidation (appropriately and applied with discrimination) is better than physical force. At 210, I'm sorry, neither you or anyone else is intimidating even if most patrons are smaller; you're just that guy that they start thinking they can take after a few drinks. I, and any other good sized security guy can tell you that they've intimidated people into compliance with their physical presence and demeanor. It's the ability to non-verbally communicate that failure to comply will have a bad result for them and having the physical presence where that non-verbal message is not in question.

That said, the job is actually more social and psychological than anything. Understand how to talk with people and get what you want with gentle persuasion and a reasonable demeanor, and that's 90% of the job. But there is a part of the job where you need to be ready to throw down, without hesitation. Some places more than others. I've worked places that you fought every weekend (NOT worth the money) and others where you'd have no trouble except every few weeks. I've worked everything from a NYC mega-club to a Philadelphia hip-hop club, to a middle of PA dive club, to executive protection (mostly).

The point is, whether you're qualified to work somewhere depends entirely on the environment and its clientele. Don't expect good pay for the environment you describe, in which case I'd ask you...why do you want to be a bouncer if they pay isn't good?

Let me put it into economic perspective:

Let's say you make $10 and hour and you have a 5 hour shift. That's $50 a night (if they pay under the table) or $100 a weekend (let's leave weekdays out of it for simplicity sake). Let's say the nature of the establishment requires you to be physical 1 night of the month. Pretty reasonable? Well, "getting physical" means you're at risk of getting injured or worse and I don't care who the hell you are or how tough you are. So, for $400 a month, you may have to fight once a month. If you were a real fighter, and I was your agent, and you fought for $400 a fight, you should fire me. If you put $400 in my hands right now to walk across the street and fight someone for no other reason than my employment required it, I'd find a new job.

But now I'm back full circle about experience (and environment). If you have size, and you have experience and a gift with people, you rarely have to fight. I worked the Philadelphia club I referred to and the guys on staff were always in the middle of some ridiculous physical shit. I on the other hand, broke up as many problems (mostly prevented) and NEVER had to strike a patron. Who did the most fighting? The smallest guy on the staff.

Size counts. Experience counts. End rambling reply :slight_smile: Sorry.