Bouncing Back with PCT or Should I Just Cruise?


(First cycle ever)

I have been on 1ml test e and 2 ml primo every 3rd day for 6 months. I want to either take 4 months off and do proper pct and then after that start up again with test e and deca again for about 6 months.

The other thing i thought about Was to screw the pct and off time, and just cruise on 200 mg test e a week for those 4 months until i blast again for 6 months.

The reason for the question is Im concerned about bouncing back to normal again and Im curious for different suggestions here.
Im kindda looking for the pros and cons for either cruising or coming off totally when we are only talking 4 months off?

Im worried about bouncing back to normal hormonal functions, testicular function and atrophy and last but not least other side effects.

Cant seem to understand Whats best for me here as this is my first “cycle”.

Im gonna come totally off No matter What, either if i should do it now or wait until the the next blast is over.

Hope someone can help.


Don’t cruise if this is your plan. Plus I would advise shorter cycles (8 weeks max), but many would disagree with me.

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Since your goal is to continue to cycle, and extended cycles at that, seems best to just cruise

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Both of these suggestions are legitimate and have there place. Which one will be right for the OP is somewhere to be found in the details not yet provided.

OP, what is your age, lifting experience and perhaps pre-blast hormonal blood values (if you had them drawn)?

I’d say if you’re over 40, have reached your natural genetic limit in terms of physical development (been properly training and sleeping for several years), then perhaps I would go the TRT route, with the occasional blast here and there. Especially if your hormone levels are relatively low.

If you’re 25, have been dedicated to the training lifestyle for a couple of years, have medium to long term goals that can only be achieved by using steroids, then I’d do what @RT_Nomad suggested. Provided you have an otherwise healthy hormonal panel.

If you’re 20, have been exercising for a couple months and are nowhere near your overall genetic limit, than you should probably not be taking steroids at all.

If you plan to come off totally someday, what is the point to cycle at all?

Thanks for the descriptive answer.

I am 30 years old and have been lifting naturally since 16.

I just started my enhanced journey and just want to have to best chances to bounce back at some point.

I have not had anything drawn since they are very narrow minded about steroids in denmark.

Consider this:
A guy has been taking AAS for a few years. If he decided to compete in a natural bodybuilding contest, how long would he need to be clean (off AAS) before he would not have an advantage of taking AAS?

According to his IG, its 2 months… Id say… 2 months then… 3-6 if the guy is bodybuilding big and has been blasting for years on end.

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I would agree with this. I ‘cycled’ 3-4 times when I was too young and shouldn’t have. After just a couple months off cycle I pretty much looked close to where I started before. This is why I don’t recommend cycling although @RT_Nomad had an approach where you were on more than off. That may work. Regardless for me it was all rented muscle. I didn’t grow at all until I started TRT in my mid 30s.


That is impressive. He lost more muscle in 2 months than I did in the 2 months after I was off AAS when I had dermatomyositis.

My experience from 1971 thru 1981: I was always stronger at the start of the next AAS cycle than I was at the start of the previous AAS cycle. Always! I started using AAS weighing 180lbs and by 1981 I was weighing 240lbs at about the same % body fat. I always took 6 to 8 weeks “off cycle.” My “on cycles” were typically 8 weeks, with a 12 week cycle once per year starting in 1977.

At age 38+ I stopped all AAS a year to compete in natural bodybuilding shows. I wasn’t near as sharp, but I was far larger than 180lbs. I did two natural shows before I turned 40 years old placing high in both. After that (the next day after the last show) I got back on AAS to prepare for the Master’s Nationals.

I believe that you under estimate the lasting power of AAS.

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Nah, thats why i posted Gordons instagram pic… He got sick and doc got him off test and in 2 months he went from a killing machine in grappling to someone who looks like has never worked out in his life. And he has elite athletic genetics.
He is also pretty tall tho, as an athlete. Idk if that matters.

I would, however, always mention that you have bodybuilding genetics. Most people dont. 99% people dont.
I am 250-260 with abs, but on a bodybuilding stage, comparing me to your prime, id look like shit, and its not because of the fact that i havent done tons of drugs or dont know how to lift dumbbells or eat food. Its because different people are good at stuff because of their genetics.
In fact, we can take the same Gordon, and compare him to me or any other fighter who also has done BJJ for years but there is some reason why he is the best and i train weirdos in a God forsaken country.
There is no coach who could make me better than him in BJJ and there is no one who could make me look like a bodybuilder and be better than you were, and the hidden element is genetics.
So going by this logic, id say that people who have bodybuilding genetics might not only be able to gain muscle more and faster and in better proportions, but also maintain it with less testosterone in the system and maintain it longer between cycles.
Since Gordon doesnt have those genetics, he lost it. I would lose it also. 99% of the people here would lose it exactly as fast or even faster.
Look at some Hollywood stars who turn to garbage between movies. There was a new FF movie every year yet Diesel managed to grow a belly in between those. Including the time he needed to get back in shape, and the time it takes to film a movie, id say he turned from Fast And Furions to a pile of shit in 2-4 months.
I believe its not your case, but i do believe its because you are good at that stuff. Most people arent. Trying to replicate a bodybuilder is just like studying physics and thinking you will be the next Hawking… 99,9% says you wont come even close, and not because you dont work enough. Just because - he has brain genetics.

I agree here. I think @RT_Nomad has damn good genetics for holding muscle far above the norm. I think the size you became with your modest use of AAS was a feat that many could not accomplish.

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This has been what has happened to the guys doing Test cycles at my gym. Within 6 months they are where they would have been without the cycle IMO. Even the ones like me who blast and cruise return to a baseline (it just takes longer while cruising).

This is true. My most developed friend who blasts a lot and is crazy strong isn’t that way because of training and drugs (or at least the drugs are a small part, and any program would have resulted in good gains). He sometimes brings in his little brother to the gym. I think he is 17 now, but skinny / athletic build. At 16 with a little bit of training he deadlifted 585 lbs, and benched 275 lbs. He wasn’t seriously training, he was about 6’ tall at the time and around 170 lbs. His genetics allowed him to do these feats of strength.

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