“Alessi’s book - ‘The Promise’”
Hi. Just thought I’d share something positive with other T-Mag readers/Biotest customers. We already know we’re a special breed of people - people who use health & fitness to enhance our personal lives.

T-Mag, time and time again, has proven to be THE free online source for nutritional and training advice. The fact that T-mag’s content is written by various contributors who often have differing views on how to train or how to eat right, is the reason many aspiring-bodybuilders continue to use this site.

As most of us agree with, every human is different. Yeah, we all operate similarly ‘inside’, but we also have different (sometimes EXTREMELY different) tolerance-levels. What might work for one lifter might not necessarily work for another lifter. I guess people are simply ‘wired’ differently. I personally know some people who have made dramatic fat-loss results following Jenny Craig. I know another guy who is making headway in fat-loss by following the Slim Fast plan. And of course, I know many, many lifters who have transformed themselves simply by selecting a program from T-mag and by following it through to the end.

Because THAT is the key: following a program to the end. Consistency. Determination. Commitment. Sacrifice.

I have tried many different T-Mag protocols for training and nutrition. I have had success with most of them - some were easier to follow more so than others. It all depended on my goals: If i wanted to lose BF as quickly as possible, then i KNEW the protocol would be very uncomfortable (ie. Fat Fast). If I had 10-12 weeks to play with, then I could take comfort in say, Berardi’s Dont-Diet diet.

I’m sure some of you know another famous T-Mag contributor, Don Alessi. He designed the crazy-ass Meltdown Programs. INSANE these programs are!! Their programs have transformed my brothers into Hulksters in their own right!! The combination of circuit training and power-lifting provides results!

Well, he and his bro Derrick wrote a book which outlines their take on nutrition and training. I’ll tell ya straight off the bat, it’s NOT a quick-fix program. In fact, their Fat Loss program lasts for 18 weeks!! That being said, the results will stick with you for a long time, so long as you continue to train and eat right. I highly recommend the book, The Promise Fat Loss & Fitness System, to whomever is looking for a long-term solution for fat-loss. The information is NOT radical in nature - regular t-mag readers (and most folks) will have an easy time following with what they’re saying. And like all good works of literature, the Alessi’s have managed to portray the information in a very comprehensible manner. Their ideas are clear, the material is concise, and there is an obvious ‘flow’ to the book that makes it an easy read. In fact, I finished the book in one night, and it’s just shy of 200 pages.

Anyway, ever since I discovered T-Mag, I hadnt spent any $ on any sort of published text/mag/book since T-Mag pretty much has it all for most of my needs.

But i came across Don’s site: and that’s where I learned about the book. I took a chance, and I’m glad to say I’ve got no regrets. I’m excited about starting their program, and I hope there will be many more T-Mag readers who decide to give it a go.

Yeah the book isnt free, but it’s a hardcover book, and I believe it’s worth every penny. I just thought I’d share that with you guys & gals.

(and no, i aint getting a dime from this book)hehheh.

Well, have a good and safe one. Continue with the great questions, advice, and info.

Train hard, train smart!

I’d also like to add something for the newbies: the Alessi site has several videos showing how to do various exercises. Stuff like Cuban presses, etc. So if you’re wondering how to do a given exercise, check it out. Much better than any written description could possibly be.