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Bouncer Diet!


Got a job at a club, and the night shift is 5 hours long with no breaks. I MAY be able to take in a bottle to have a high cal shake in, but usually not.
I am worried that I will be burning muscle during the job, especially considering there is alot of labor involved. Is 6 hours too long to not eat anything?
(Waylander mentioned bouncing, so it would be nice if he came in here) any suggestions?


LOL. Do you ever sleep more than 6 hours? You'll be fine. Just eat big before and after.


My bouncing shifts are generally 6-8 hours long. I just make sure i have a good meal in me immediately before, and i usually slam a mass gainer right after getting off either before i go to bed or go out. Not that going out immediately after is the best thing for progress but i gotta fit some fun into my weekends somewhere.

The nice thing about bouncing is assuming you work nights, you have all day to eat well and get in your caloric needs for the day, so the 5 hours you'll be doing without eating really isnt an issue.


Hello, My name is: Intermittent Fasting.


Intermittent fasting, with the fast towards the end of the day, fucking sucks, and going to sleep hungry fucking sucks. Fuck that.


Agreed. Waking up after going to sleep hungry is even worse.


Protein bar, its not the hard to figure out...


That is true, I will def take advantage of the day to pack in the cals. I don't mean to major in the minors but I was just worried about muscle burning during the actual shift. Good to know it is not an issue. Thanks


Wait, it IS an issue to some degree. That is why you have to make sure you fit your meals around it right....and it wouldn't hurt to drink protein shakes during the day. That is what I do now when my day is busy. Yeah, it sucks...but I didn't lose muscle while working way longer hours than you and often not getting to eat during the day.

That is why I was drinking the MAG-10 heavily during those times.


Thanks X.. So by fitting my meals around it right, you mean eating directly before and directly after, I assume? And idk if I clarified that my shifts are at night, so when you said to drink protein shakes during the day, were you talking about during work or before?

(Also, I don't know if you were being sarcastic about the supplement reference or not.. )

tonights shift is 9-2:30, so its def time to start packing cals in


I used to work night shift (I've worked security on all levels as well as bounced...hell, I still get asked randomly to bounce at parties just from people seeing me walk around town). It never slowed my training. I used to make shakes ahead of time...which was a hassle since I had to stay mobile while working my shift.

My hours then were from 10pm to 7am. I slept when I got home after eating and I ate before I went to work. I drank the protein during and that was it.

Even now, I am at work all day long. I usually only eat one solid meal between 9am and 9pm. Do I look like I lost muscle?


I should clarify that the rest of the day, I am sipping on MAG-10 and have the Anaconda during training. That is still 12 hours straight with only one solid meal and there is no way in hell I would ahve held onto muscle without the protein I am drinking all day.

You have to get the nutrients in.



You definitely lost muscle during yesterday's intense leg workout...Oh wait you said "look like" nvm


Ok WHEY, MILK, PB, FRUIT in a shake, slamming it before and after work. Good? Better suggestions?


Ok WHEY, MILK, PB, FRUIT in a shake, slamming it before and after work. Good? Better suggestions?


Slammed half of shake (pb, whey, fruit) before shift. Got home about 6 hours later, ate a steak with some bread/milk/olive oil.

About to slam rest of shake then go to bed. I feel good about the cals today.


Uhh... you're going to expend a lot more calories awake and at work than you are asleep in bed. Shakes and bars are definitely the way to go here.


I had a 9 hour shift tonight (6-3), and I had one of those 2L nalgenes you get from this site with four scoops of whey, two scoops of malto, and water. Drank it throughout my shift. I do something similar most of the time at work these days, and make sure to get a good solid meal in before work. Most times when I get home I just slam some milk and crash.

You should be able to stash a shake somewhere in the establishment and sneak over there to slug some down every now and then, unless management specifically forbids this for some reason. If you can find time to flirt with some chicks and/or be on your phone every now and then, you can find time to slam a shake. And I don't work with too many guys who have never flirted or texted on the job.


Hahaha best reply, true stuff man I can manage sneaking it in. Maybe then flirting. Which brings up a whole different subject about flirting techniques as a bouncer.


Its not exactly rocket science, something along those lines should be just fine.