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Boulder, CO.

I will be moving to Boulder, CO in the next few months and will be looking for a decent gym. I lived there in the past and mostly worked out in the public rec centers b/c it was affordable. If there are any T-Men in Boulder/Denver area with suggestions I would love to hear them. Also if you are aware of any events schedualed for the summer (workshops, etc…) Let me know. Thanks.

hey man i go to cu. check out mountains edge fitness on table mesa, its a pretty nice facility. just dont lift at the rec center on campus!! i actually lift at my buddy’s training facility in golden, its a bit of a haul from boulder, but i helped build it and i help run it so i might as well use it!

Thanks for the reply JC. I will keep it in mind. yeah, I went to CU for a while and that rec center was unbearable.