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Bought Winstrol, Feels Like Suspension

I used stanozalol years back. cant remember the feel.
but suspension causes water bloat and crazy aggression. unreasonable. plus I have pain in the areas I inject and tops of bumps and puffiness. is this the same with winstrol?
when I took trenA it would make me really strong with no water bloat and injection sites hurt but no bumps or puffiness from pain. im guessing the pain is from the product being a liquid and the powder ? just guessing

also I do mix into the syringye testE every shot. im injecting very little of both. together around 1/3 a cc every day. sometimes ill delay the shot another 12/24 hours.
cheers stay safe

What does the mix look like? Does it look like milk?

yea milk. powdery. but I just read a post and I get crazy emotional ups and down like was said. . worse than trenE. I havent tried winstrol in a long time and cant remember what it feels like. if you feel “stable” or consistent. trenA played a lot of mind tricks on me. this I have makes me want to rage like crazy

That’s weird. I guess it comes down to how much you trust your source and how good their reputation is. But honestly even if it is winstrol it sounds like it’s treating you poorly. I would hop off and just think of something else to use at this point. No reason to feel so lousy, you know?

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youre 100% right. too much up and down.

Injectable winnie is a suspension.
That is why you have some moderate pain and puffiness.
Highly recommend some research before using something new.