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Bought Squat Suit. Help


Just bought myself a squat suit. It'll be my first time using one (gear virgin. Haven't even touched one)

I'm not too worried about learning the technique per se. However, I have NO clue about them. What are the straps exactly! What is straps up or down? I've heard of guys having to sew this or that, what would they be sewing exactly! (Good thing my wife sews).

Any other things I should know about!


The straps are the straps that go over your shoulders, similar to suspenders I guess. Alot of guys will train with the straps off of their shoulders and just use a belt to lock the suit in on their lower body, now they function more like briefs...With straps up, it's a little bit of a different ball game.

As far as sewing goes, when you buy an "off the shelf" suit, it's a generic fit. Some lifters will have their suits or shirt altered to fit them better. I doubt that this is a sewing job that you would want your wife to undertake. Alot of sewing machines aren't heavy duty enough to even begin to handle the thickness of the material we're talking about here.


That makes some sense. Thanks a lot!!

Edit: Would I be able to go to a regular tailor in order to make alterations?
How should I train when I start with my suit? Keep in mind I mostly lift alone


Usually not. These suits are put under a tremendous amount of stress. If a stitch breaks mid squat you could get very seriously injured. You don't want just anyone making modifications to your suit.

I think you are doing things backwards though. You should be worried about learning the technique now ( no easy task) and once you get that down you can learn the little tweaks.


What brand & model...?
Ditto on learning the technique first!!


You can go to a bondage shop to have your suit altered Seriously. A friend in Toronto gets his done there. However, I alter my own stuff by hand. I've shortened straps and taken in the hips and legs. It's great because you can play around to get it right for you. I use upholstery thread, a heavy gauge needle, a thimble and often a pair of pliers and sew it triple stitching. I have yet to have anything come undone.


Any excuse to go to a bondage shop!

Seriously though, I just got the IPF V-type squatter. Pretty basic from what I understand. Definitely working on technique. Sitting back pretty good, especially for a raw lifter. I am expecting to hit 600 with just belt/knee wraps this weekend. I figured to be more competitive, and to learn a different aspect of lifting, I would get the suit, and soon a bench shirt


Just so we're clear, I'm not the friend she's refering too.
Actually, I've never had to adjust any suit and for my wife we just buy custom since if we know it is going to be adjusted anyway it ends up being just as cheap. Of course, neither of us has any tailoring skill what-so-ever so doing it ourselves isn't an option.


But we've all trained with the guy that goes to the bondage shop. I thought it was a great idea since a bondage shop would know all about tailoring 'load bearing' garments.

I went the custom route too with unimpressive results. Mind you, 4 weeks later I'm still waiting for a stock size suit.


I've tried altering my stuff at a bondage shop. When I got my squat suit back it had 4 foot long metal spikes on the straps, the crotch was cut out, and there was a place for a detatchable set of balls to go... I took it home and immediately hit a PR on box squats.


<3 epic, good thing to wake up to this morning.


So you know all about it then. Anything for a PR right?


I custom order mine from bondage shops here in Toronto!... Sadly, I am pretty sure I know the shop it was done at too.


Ditto on this. As a training partner of the friend mentioned by ouroboro, I can attest to the great work that fetish shops can do with gear. Ive taken my ACE briefs & Shirt, my old Predator briefs and a couple other pieces of gear in there and none have even popped a stitch. Shouldn't be surprising though. They're used to dealing with thick heavy materials, and load-bearing seams that (should they blow) could cause someone some serious pain.


I took mine in the first time and spoke to an employee who hadn't seen PL gear before. The reaction when I explained what the gear was for was something along the lines of "You cram yourself into this, put heavy weights on your back and squat until your nose bleeds and you DON'T do it for sexual release? FREAK"


"Noooo, of course I release!"