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Bought Sauerkraut. What to Eat It With?

I bought some sauerkraut at the Polish Shop. What can you eat it with. It is growing on me . Apparently it keeps for a few weeks in the fridge.

On rye bread with corned beef and swiss cheese…lol


Slow cooker - Pork, potatoes, sauerkraut, apples (optional), caraway seeds salt and pepper

thanks you are not meant to cook the sauerkraut( I guess you will probably know that though -it’s TC article).
pork potatoes apples sounds good.

Bratwurst and boiled yellow/gold potatoes. I like to use a horseradish mustard on my brats. Depending on where you live, good brats can be hard to find. I live in San Diego and feel that Trader Joe’s are the best. The Johnsonville ones are in most stores but IMO are very bland.

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I just add it to my plate like I would with any serve of vegetable.
Often eat it with my morning eggs, or use it as a side with my dinner if Im short of vegetables.

Related: goes well with German dishes, but my favorite recipe including sauerkraut would be hands down: sarma.

In-fact I think sarma is my favorite meal of all time.

Uncle Bird.


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My wife and her family do something similar with pork and it is wonderful!

As an aside, as has been pointed out elsewhere, I guess everyone knows this type of sauerkraut is dead veg. So you are eating for taste only. The Polish stuff in the supermarkets is not the pro/prebiotic kind, which is far more expensive from health stores.

Is it unpasteurized? If so it’s filled with good bacteria for your stomach. Whatever you do, eat it raw to get the benefits

Nope, it’s pasteurized. Tells you on the jar. As I said the large kilo jars of the Polish stuff retails at around £1.20 in the UK, while 300g of organic non-pasteurized stuff from health stores is about £4!

Maybe it’s a location dependent thing. I’ve seen jars of sauerkraut in the refrigerated section that were moderately priced. I also went as far as emailing the customer service of the manufacturer where they confirmed it was unpasteurized.

At any rate, if the goal is probiotics and you live in a large western city, I’m sure you can find a korean grocer and buy unpasteurized kimchi.

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Anybody try to make the stuff by yourself?

I heard its not that hard.


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They made it themselves. It’s from a barrel . Cabbage and lettuce rotting . I hope it’s the right stuff. It was very cheap £1 /1kg.

It smells something aweful though to make yourself.

Put it in a ramekin, add some black pepper and some toasted sesame seeds, look fancy while eating.

Sraight from the jar/bottle/ziplock. Throw it on some dogs if it works with your nutrition.

I just pan fry 2-3 slices of non-cured bacon, chop up the bacon and stir it all together. Eat.