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Bought a Power-Lift Multi Rack


I bought this at auction this saturday for 370 dollars.




I called power-lift to order some numbers for the uprights and they said the rack goes for 3,800.00 dollars.


I will give you $350 for it.


no that's ok


Jk man, just playing


I was shocked no one was bidding more on it the first one sold for 400, the back-up bidders didn't take the second rack, so I jumped in on it and got it for less.


Was this an auction for a gym that went out of business?


I'll admit, I was being sarcastic at first, but that's a hell of a deal man. 90% off

Good find


ya they had quite a bit, only 2 power-lift equipment


Nice Rack!

370? Holy shit. That's much nicer than mine. Good purchase.


my auction ticket


The racks a monster; the rails weigh 22 lbs each and the rino hooks are 20 lbs each


Great find.


So why don't you like lifting in a gym?


I do, I have a gym membership also.


Nice. I've been considering building a little facility on my own that would probably just consist of a pull-up bar and a standard Olympic barbell with enough weights for days where I just don't feel like traversing to the gym.

That's an awesome find btw. How much weights do you have in your home gym?


Good score. Auctionzip.com lists gym auctions every now and then. I went to one a few months back that was liquidating everything because they were bought out by a PF. They auctioned the cardio stuff first and almost everyone came for that only. Squat rack, benches, machines, some knockoff hammer strength-like equipment all went for nearly nothing.


I have 2- 100's, 4- 45's, 2- 35's, 2- 25's, 16- 10's, 6- 5's


^Why would you have that many dumbells? You can only lift 2 at a time.