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Bought 600 Var and I Can't Take It


So being the hardcore dumbass that I am I saw a promo for Anavar at 50% off. I bought 600 tabs. I ws super excited. Oh I’m going to get so shredded I thought.

Started out with only 20 mg and it obliterated my apetite. I opted for T-bol 10 mg Instead. which works great. I’m not going to get shredded on it though.

400 test
230 primo
10 tbol
15 rad-140

200 lbs. balls to dick ratio is 5%.

anyways now I have 600 tabs of var and the only thing I can think to do with it is save it until I date a bikini competitor and give it to her for christmas.
is there anything else I can do to fix the appetite so I can take this?
I’m not about to sell this shit and end up on the 5 o clock news. I’d rather sell meth or heroin.

I mean I could vaporize it and smoke it of course… then inhale it again when I fart so I don’t waste it. like dbol farts. I thought about breaking it down like tren and cooking it into an injectable. I thought it could help since it wouldn’t go through my digestive system. Yogi says that idea was balls deep retarded.

I mean I could stop being a little bitch and force myself to choke down those chicken breasts like I choke down big black cock…

help me T nation…living with the consequences of my financial actions is for pussies lmao.


sell it or stick it up your ass. I’m being literal about the ass thing; I don’t mean it as an insult


Great name btw vagblaster…Not sure what balls to D 5% is but ok??? LMAO - never heard of putting roids up the ass…In tha ass always but up the chocolate gate thats a new one… Yes bro I feel ya var appetite is shit… Personally I just choke down the food as best I can then chug sups to get the rest… But for what its worth Im a pot smoking meat head so I vape get munchies then just eat healthy stuff… Also try eating things you can choke down fast… I learned this trick from the Rocks instagram page… He calls it spoon thugin but it works… Bowl of oatmeal, some fish, and some greens… Fish is soft and goes down fast… Also eggs… Im running 80-100mg of Var now so I feels ya…VAR is pricey but great so why waste it gotta man up brotato chip no pain no gain


Isn’t this the 3rd thread you’ve started about anavar giving you stomach issues?


yes. you don’t understand flip collar. gawsh. it’s like almost as bad as when I get my period.
is shoving anavar up your ass more anabolic yogi?


I’ve not tried it but drugs are generally more bioavailable and absorb faster that why, so maybe…

Could try appetite stimulating drugs like GHRP6 or something I suppose.


If appetite is really the only thing you’re concerned about with the Var, then Yogi’s suggestion is good. EQ can also stimulate appetite. And so does MK677.


Seems like a shitty multiple choice question

A) Shove pills up your ass
B) Force food down
C) Have less awesome gainz