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Bought 2001 CL Type S

Mr. Acura CL 3.2 Type S meet the family!
Been looking for a new daily driver for some time now.
Currently been driving a 94 Buick Century 4cyl.

Before I get into anymore details. Let me list off the family.

Currently have:

  1. 1998 Accord 4dr LX 4cyl. 149k miles. <-- Handed down from mom. (Thanks mom!)
  2. 1994 Buick Century 4cyl. 94k miles <-- Handed down from gramps. (Thanks Gramps!)
  3. ZSPEED : 1990 NA 98k miles. <-- Can’t 4get the Z.
  4. 1981 Toyota Corolla wagon 5spd 41k original miles!!! <-- Thanks Aunt Dort.
  5. New to the family as of today. 2001 Acura 3.2 CL Type S. 59k miles. All the bells and whistles. Leather, HID, Navi. etc…

Parents ( I say parents because we see each other and talk a lot. No I don’t live @ home. I’m 27 and doing just fine on my own.) have been on my back for some time now to ditch the honda and buick for a newer, more reliable less mileage car to drive daily. I’ve been looking on carsoup.com and traderonline.com for a few months now.

I always see cars that get my attention, but when I call the owner they are sold :frowning: . Well not this time. Last night I found this beauty. Went in today to check it out, next thing I know I’m doing the papers and driving her home.

Beautiful car. Paint has some minor scuffs and blemishes, but still really clean. I love that it has HID and Navi. Never used Navi. before so it will be interesting. Also never had a car with leather or a sunroof before either. I feel like its my birthday all over again!!!

While your reading I gotta tell you the story about the 81 rolla. My great aunt lived next door to my grandma my entire life. In 1981 my great aunt purchased this 81 corolla wagon. And all these yrs she has only drove it back and forth to volunteer gigs and the grocery store. Not even church! I remember seeing this car since I was a youngin. And ever since I was 12 I wanted it.

The time came to me when she moved out to CA. The car is in pristine condition!!! Smells new! 41k babied original miles! She kept a folder with every receipt since day 1, including car washes and oil changes. I am one lucky guy!

Here is a link to todays purchase.
[ http://www.goldenvalleyauto.com/details.html?VID=1-118l1165347568 ]

Sorry to ramble on and on. Just wanted to share the good news.

how much did you pay for it?

The robot woman’s voice on that website was scary, but then oddly attractive and I almost jerked off to it.

main thing to note here is that hamburgers are delicious.