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Boucing Back from Low Estradiol

These are not estrogen symptoms they are hormones as a whole. Your body needs time to adapt. All these symptoms dissoaeared around month 3 or 4.

Stop worrying about estrogen. Your body will adapt. Jsut inject daily and put it out of your mind for a couple months.

If you had gyno as a child that’s a diff story. Even then there’s ways of going about it. Estrogen is not the only cause of gyno. It’s a imbalance of hormones. Not an imbalance of estrogen. Look at the studies and definition of gyno.


“In males, it has been estimated that at best the testes can account for 15% of circulating estrogens,[80] and local production of estrogens, both intratesticular and extragonadal, is of physiological significance throughout adult life. For example, the Leydig cells[81] and other cells of the testes, including germ cells in various stages of differentiation,[82] produce estradiol, which has an important role in spermatogenesis. Estrogen production in bone appears to be as vital for the maintenance of bone mineralization and prevention of osteoporosis in men as it is in women. This is supported by studies of men with either a mutation of the gene encoding the aromatase enzyme[54] [83] or a mutation of the estrogen receptor,[53] as well as by mouse models of gene disruption. In a similar fashion, recent evidence indicates that estrogen production in one or more brain sites has a major influence on sexual behavior in males”


“In the male circulation, in contrast, the levels of testosterone are at least an order of magnitude greater than those circulating in the plasma of postmenopausal women. Moreover, it is also two orders of magnitude greater than the mean levels of circulating estradiol in postmenopausal women. Given that much of the circulating estradiol is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin, it is unlikely to have a major impact on transactivation of the estrogen receptor, compared with estrogen produced locally as a consequence of conversion of circulating testosterone. Thus the uninterrupted sufficiency of circulating testosterone in men throughout life supports the local production of estradiol by aromatization of testosterone in estrogen-dependent tissues and thereby affords ongoing protection against the so-called estrogen-deficiency diseases. This appears to be important in terms of protecting the bones of men against mineral loss and may contribute to the maintenance of cognitive function and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in men.”


By taking an ai we are ruining the delicate balance of hormones our body is trying to achieve.

Is there any evidence about SQ vs IM as it relates to estrogen? Have seen claims both ways and a lot of them.

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It depends on how your body responds. Sub-q raises my estrogen but also makes me have less symptoms. Daily shots erased all negative symptoms I was having. Some people have lower estrogen on sub-q. Some people need smaller amounts of T. Some need higher. Until you try it you’ll never know.

Stop worrying about estrogen man. Educate yourself on the benefits and stop believing broscience fairy tales come from the body building world and prep regimes they used to get ready for a show. We are on a 10th of their dose.

IM works for some but subq is better for most. It’s easy to switch between the two. Just do yourself a favor and re educate yourself on estrogen. You have more things to worry about than that.

yeah I know sub q raised my estrogen like crazy when I had high estrogen doing sub q my dose was 50 mg twice a week low dose my test never got over 600 and my estrogen was always on the 60 but didn’t feel symptoms like now but also didn’t feel like trt was working. Kind of weird!

Not worried about estrogen like you are suggesting. I was curious to read any actual data/studies on the topic. Being curious and informing oneself (with legitimate science) I believe is still considered ok.

Yes, but IM daily is a bit delicate. Injecting in the shoulder can hit a blood vessel and a lot of attention and care is needed.

Yes it can but I’ve never heard of it happening. I would do subq. IM daily is more work for sure.

I finally got the results for my testosterone at 200 mg a week test shot on Tuesday night and blood drawn Friday morning for peak results.
Test is 1353 range is 250 - 827
Estradiol is 42 range is < or = 39
This was done with quest diagnostics
Posted because I was feeling high e symptoms after going to to low on e 5 weeks ago e was at 5

42 is definitely not high for E2. Like everybody says, let things stabilize for a while before your next move.

What you think about the t dose? I’m at 200 mg a week

Try 160mg weekly.

Alright I thought so, I knew that was a little too high for me


Did you stay at 200mg or drop to 160mg?

I stayed at 200mg for some reason my symptoms disappeared at week 5… idk what was that all about, thinking my body was getting used to the higher e2 levels wich are at the same now but without the sides how weird is that?

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Sounds like exactly what happens when you don’t change things too early congrats!

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Very common. You just figured it out a lot earlier than a lot of people!