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Bottomline on D-bol

I have used the search engine and have read all of the posts and Bill Roberts answers on d-bol. This is what I get from it:

D-bol can be taken 2/3 upon waking up and the last 1/3 at noon to prevent TEST inhabition

For BEST Results though take D-bol in divided dosages throughout the day and run clomid DURING this cycle

#1 - Does the morning dosages provide great results? Has anyone used the morning doseage and had great results?

#2 - How much better is option two where you are totally throwing your body into inhabition?


God dammit lats… ok here’s the deal. D-bol only suppresses about 65% if you fuck with the cyrcadian rythim avoided by taking a morning dose. HOWEVER!!! Both the morning dose study and the actual degree of suppression study were done WITHOUT AN AROMATASE INHIBITOR! If you do the d-bol evenly over the course of a day and take 2.5mg of letrozole every day, or even 1.25 mg of letrozole you will be left with LITTLE OR NO SUPPRESSION!!! Most of d-bol suppression has nothing to do with AR receptor binding. It is that dreaded ER binding that causes almost all of the suppresion associated with this anabolic. Get some letrozole and do the d-bol, you will love it i swear.

Squatty…you are so cute when u get angry

I’ve used the morning d-bol protocol for my last couple off periods and I have great results. When “off” I drop training down to about once per week(sort of a deal I’ve made with the wife so I can spend the time training like a mad-dog while on) and I lose very little when off. I really don’t drop much muscle at all, just water and fat mostly. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that most people train far too hard/often when off. When off I lose less muscle training once/wk than 3 times/wk. When your test levels drop to that of your grandmothers…your body would rather take aminos from muscle tissue for energy than re-build when you train very much. It may be different with others but this is what I’ve observed personally.

That goes as a confirmation on my theory about taking a week or so off when cycle ends.
Lats, if your doing the dbol as a bridge use it in the morning if its part of a cycle use it throughout the day.

hey squatty, if you take fermera during, do you need post drugs like clomid or HGC say?


I’m not angry really… I just struck out with a ho and I’m a little upset is all. I would always reccomend that you do clomid for a few weeks post of a “non suppressive” d-bol cycle, just in case you did alter your levels a little. Femara and clomid in theory work the same way. Basically by preventing estrogen from binding to the pituitary. Femara does so by completely eliminating estrogen and clomid does so by binding where estrogen would have bound in the pituitary. This bring up some interesting quesiton… if this was the only mechanism that clomid worked by, femara should be better in theory because by eliminating estrogen you fully free up your pituitary. However, I think that results have shown clomid to be better. Also, how does clomid binding to ER receptors prevent estrogen from exerting its nasty LH suppressing effects but not exert its own effects. It is taking up the receptor, right? This is something that I have actually discussed with Warhorse… I have a little theory that clomid also, by binding to various estrogen receptors in the body, ends up yielding a higher blood level of estrogen, simply because it has nowhere to bind and nowhere to go. You body responds with more testosterone to balance out this now altered proportion of test to estrogen. (in addition to have a freed pituitary). Again, this is just my theory but I like it… in conclusion, do the clomid… i would say that you don’t even need femara post as long as you run it for the entire cycle. good luck