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Bottom Part of My Triceps


i dont know how to explain it except that it is almost as if my tricep simply stops halfway down the arm instead of extending all the way down. my long head is very well shaped. im assuming the bottom part is the medial head...?

what can i do to specifically target this? i know that every triceps exercise works the medial head in some way but what puts the most stress on it?

ive done basically everything: skull crushers, tri extension, rope pulldown, dumbell kickbacks, weighted dips, close grip bench, all to no avail...

any thoughts?


You can thank your parents for the origin and insertion points as well as the overall shape of your muscles. What you seem to be describing is not substantially alterable.


as i feared, unfortunately. i had spoken to a few of my friends who said that it is most likely genetics. :frowning:

i was holding out hope that it was a lack of development of the medial head...


Yep. Some of us were "blessed" with short muscle bellies. So we have "high calves" and the "high biceps and triceps" that never look impressive unless flexed.


So flex all the time...
Isometric exercises are not all that bad an idea...



Not true. I have this "syndrome" myself and have found that the bigger I get the less noticeable it is. At first I thought my arm looked a little goofy, almost like my tricep was a tumor growing off the back of my arm because it seemed to disproportionate, but as my biceps, shoulders and body in general got bigger, the muscles over took my skeletal structure as it were and grew enough to "fill in the blanks".

At 180, I looked muscular shirtless and had the skinny perception with a shirt on, at 215 I just look big and my muscles look the same now as any "normal" guy at 180 or so.

I like my genetics really, my chest is perkier than a strippers fake tits, my lats are awesome and my rhomboids traps grow like a leg on an insane squat program. And shoulders with an "outward" growth? people pray for that.


thats exactly how i would describe it. i look great shirtless or in cutoffs, but with a normal shirt on look like a normal douchebag who has only been working out for a year or so...the tricep extends halfway down the arm and kinda peeks out from under the sleeve a bit like i just started lifting or something. sucks.

i guess all i can do is keep lifting and hope for the best


You can hypertrophy the muscle to a great degree but you'll never get it to attach lower. I've got nice and long triceps that attach pretty low and look good, biceps attach halfway up my arm and will never come close to as prominant as my triceps.


i have high bis AND tris, in a tshirt i look like a normal kid but in a sleeveless i look decently large.

i curse those guys smaller than me but with low bis that look awesome and make them look jakced fibras


may want to check this out Elbows Out Extensions, Dumbbell Triceps Extensions,got it from here Big Bad Bench
A Complete Program for Testosterone Readers by Dave Tate


Thats how I was my entire life. But if I do weighted dips and go as deep as I can, I think it helps. I had to go pretty heavy before I got much mass around the elbow though.


Hmm, interesting read here. Will you guys post some pictures of your arms or of bodybuilders with similar genetics? I'm curious to get a visual of what you guys are talking about.


Here's a good example of short muscle bellies in the arm that this guy will never be able to overcome.


Same guy but you can see the problem from a little farther away. Look how high the muscle attaches away from the elbow. His arms are ok but he won't ever have standout arms compared to the rest of him.


And then you get someone like Sergio who's muscle bellies are long(WAY LONG haha) and full and you see the difference.


Alright and to continue my streak of posts haha... You can hide to a great degree shortcomings by adding sheer size to the muscle and the first guy picture probably has 18 or so inch arms and is near his developmental peak most likely. But you take those genetics and put them on Mr. Average Gymgoer with a 15-17 inch "off season" arm and it is very dramatic.

So if your triceps attach inches away from your elbow and you don't have great peaked biceps you likely won't ever have "great" arms which sucks, but it's the truth.

My triceps are good but biceps suck, such is life. I'll develop my biceps as much as possible but not sweat it when they don't peak like Albert Beckles or are full down into my elbow like Sergio. Be happy with whatever gifts you have and if you don't plan on stepping on stage then it likely won't ever matter to anyone, most won't have any idea what you are talking about anyways if you've got good size.


Give me a couple days and I'll put a tri pick in my profile. I don't have time right now though.


to most girls, a 16" arm is a 16" arm


how profound. to most guys, i think a 16" arm is a 16" arm as well. weird.


no, to most girls a 16" arm is just another arm