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Bottom of Feet White?


Yea, this is my third retarded post in about a week. Should be a limit huh?

Anyway, why are the bottoms of my (I'm black, HI) feet white. Like white people white (so yes, tan)? My hands also have this weird coloration. You might as well noticed this difference if you are black. Why do we not have pigment in our palms and bottom of feet?

Yes, I'm looking for a real answer. The Googles doesn't know the answer either.


I heard they cane people for questions like these in Singapore.


you probaly have AIDS


Funny u ask that.

Im white and the bottom of my feet are black,palms are also black.The best part is i have a 10 inch black cock.

How can this be???


Your body would rather be jerked off by the white man's hand


Since the actual reason is lost in the depths of evolutionary time there's only speculation, but one I've heard is that by having pale palms it's easier to see whether they're clean or not, so you don't start eating your food with a hand covered in who-knows-what and get ill all the time. Similarly, you can display to others that your hands are clean more easily (also more visible in the dark). The lack of hair on the palms may also be a hygiene thing.

As for feet, well they don't need protection from the sun since they're usually facing away from it. An issue with feet would be stepping on spines, thorns, splinters etc. Easier to locate and pull them out if the skin's a different colour to them. Again, a lack of hair is an advantage.

Another suggestion is that because palms and soles are hard-wearing parts of the body there was a trade-off where less pigment and more keratin is made to thicken up the skin. The lack of hair follicles also suggests a specialisation to being smooth and tough.


Simple answers:

  1. your feet and hands are black because you are diabetic and gangrene has set in.

  2. you have a 10 inch black cock - in your ass, because you drank too much last night and made a new friend.



The bottoms of my feet and palms of my hand are tanned like a dark leather suit. That's just how I roll.


Why are you discussing hair? While you're at it, who has hair on the bottoms of their feet and palms anyway (excluding chronic masturbators, of course)?




on behalf of all black dudes on this site, if you make another post ike this I will revoke your Black Card, and with the permission of all males on this site I'll take your T-card too

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The bottom of my feet are more white because of all the Gold Bond on my bathroom floor that I am too lazy to clean.


I am going to try a scientific answer here:

Maybe there are less melanocytes (places where melanin compounds form in the epidermis) on our palms and bottoms of our feet.

No matter how hard I try I cannot tan those areas at all.


I think you're onto it.

I would say people (of all races) may have evolved to have less melanin in those areas as palms and feet are not as likely to get direct sunlight.

White people also have different colour palms, however it's not as noticable. This is to protect the skin from being burnt, a reason why white and black people tan differently (to different degrees - I mean how many black people look like lobsters after a day down at the beach?) or it's not as noticable on darker skin.

Odd question Mr. Sharps.


I know why. Because when god was spray-painting you black, You had you're hands resting on a wall and you're feet were naturally keeping you up. Either that or god ran out of spray-paint. You're welcome.


Thanks DB

I was wondering why it was so hard to walk this morning.


MAN.. i wanted to say this.
My palms and feet are lighter, but not that much lighter (im brown)