Bottom Line: Test + Anavar Cycle

With all the precious discussion on Anavar reducing SHGB and therefore reducing T levels, are we saying a Test + Anavar cycle is no good? Hard to believe. Previous experience? Please advise

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Curious to hear from @readalot

Can you specify what doses of each you are considering?

Not knowing all the science behind the different AAS, I had good success in the 1980’s and 1990’s with:

  • 200mg/wk Testosterone cypionate
  • 200mg/wk Deca
  • 20mg/day Anavar (but I preferred Winstrol if I had a choice)
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Lets just say for the sake of arguement

200 mg test weekly
20 mg Var daily

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See my oxandrolone thread. answer is no we are not saying that. Oxandrolone will drop SHBG and hence TT.

FT is proportional to Test dose hence FT will not drop under influence of added oxandrolone for a guy on Test. TT will and FT seems to be what matters most from muscle standpoint.

Point of all that discussion prior is that oxandrolone does NOT free up more T for either a guy on test or natty. It can increase % FT but not absolute FT for a guy on Test.

So oxandrolone added to your TRT or test cycle will given more total androgen and more anabolic potential than Test by itself. Hard on lipids though. It is not a mild drug


Which now begs the question: What is your goal for adding 20mg/day of Anavar?

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Thank you @readalot That does help to clarify!

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Obviously not trying to win the Olympia. On topped out TRT T levels l, just want to get some added lean muscle and potentially burn a little more fat in a relatively safe way. If I were after more bulk I would add the Deca you suggested but again, not really trying to put together a “proper” cycle

Don’t think so. If lowering SHBG lower TT/FT then it make sense to add back in that test, right? So a test+var cycle would make sense.

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Having no idea what your physique looks like, a test/Anavar cycle might be fairly unsuccessful. IMO, you need to be relatively lean, and eating with quite a bit of discipline. Anavar is far from being a fat cure-all AAS. It will be “dry” muscle that you add, but if you are not already lean, you won’t notice much benefit (IMO).