Bottom Line Most Important Foods?

Above all else, what foods does everyone consider the most important for performance? Not getting down to single digit bodyfat, but increasing strength, potentially reducing injury, and all around making you a better athlete.

Is there something many people find themselves devastatingly deficient in? Is there an important nutrient people willingly or unknowingly sacrifice at the expense of other fitness goals? Anything, just for curiosities sake.



Meat for strength. Vegetables for health. I can do without the rest.


Whatever you can digest

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A lesson that’s really hit home for me in the last year or so.

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They’re all pretty important.

My # 1 feel good food of all time though- Kiwis.

They’ll give you supernatural jawline gains.


Seems my hilarious post was removed so I willl just put my nominations back:

Potato and egg - potato being a very underrated strength food.

What on earth did you post to get it removed? :thinking:

For just strength, it’d be meat, but for everything that you mentioned it’d be (primarily green) veggies, raw.

Which is the main reason why I find the carnivore diet to be retarded. Add in some veggies to that diet and it’d be fine.

But I eat meat, and meat eats vegetables, therefore, I eat vegetables.

Wait…is THAT what the predator diet was all about? Only eat predatory animals, so that you only eat animals that ALSO eat animals, and therefore get the MOST protein possible?

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Honestly your rationale here makes more sense than the stuff I’ve read about it prior to this.

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@t3hpwnisher why not create a NEW diet based off of your reasoning, and take it a step further by hunting, killing, and eating people who have been on the carnivore diet for at least one month? Eat the meat that eats the meat that eats the veggies!

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Man, I don’t want to get excommunicated again.

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Meat. Fruits. For me at least.

I like veggies quite a bit too, but I don’t really eat them as much.

I’m on the low side of blood sugar, and I don’t really allow myself sugary things anymore, so I opt for fruit. They give me sustainable amounts of energy better than an energy drink or coffee.

White Rice or Pasta for carbs

Greek Yogurt or Skyr for protein

White rice, meat, and fruit. I increased my fruit intake and immediately noticed better digestion (I was constantly bloated before) Blueberries, kiwis, and a little cranberry juice are my favorites.