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Bottles vs Amps


Hey guys I was just wondering whats the big deal about the test that comes in bottles vs the test that comes in amps...from what I heard and read the amps are more legit aka not a underdosed less chances of containing crap thats bad for ur body...

But I'm wondering if lets say test enth250 (amps) and sust250 (amps) would give better results than T400 (bottle) and sust325 (bottle)..?

Any input is appreciated


amps are typically considered "human grade" which should be self explanatory, i would always opt for amps when possible IMO


I wonder if anyone has tested the amount of Test in those T400 kind of products. Do they really contain that much Test?


iknow a guy who knows a guy who just had a bunch of primos and they were overdosed also, 1 more reason why to go human grade if possible


your right...but lets say a T400 bottle costs 100$ then the pharma grade sust costs like 150 and u need to buy almost twice as much to get the same dosage..


Or you could make it yourself/get it from someone you know makes it right, and avoid that situation.

Making it isn't hard.

Then you can make your own for about 5 bucks a vial for something like test E, 250mg/ml, plus the price of oil, the vial, ect... should be 8-10 a vial if you know where to get all that stuff cheap.

Or if you know really good and affordable underground labs you can get good test for like 25 a vial, and it is just as potent as pharm grade.

If I had to pay 100 a vial for shit, I either wouldn't be on anything, or I would make it myself.


I dont have the name of the ones that come in amps right now


The legitimacy of your source is ultimately what decides the quality of the gear, not what it comes in.


With amps or vials it all depends on the quality of the source. There are plenty of so called labs out there producing amps and the quality and hygiene are shocking. I've seen amps from Pakistan and Iran that have horrific particulates floating in them. The same goes for some UGLs. You need to take your time and find a source that has an excellent reputation.


previous 2 posts are correct.

Nothing (in life) is guaranteed unless you do it yourself.


Roger that...thx for the input guys !


amps very likely to be fake

amps are a bitch to use

most legit sources are ugl which don't use amps they use the reusable bottles.


If you buy 40 amps from the same lab, just put them all next to eachother and spot anomalies: are they all filled to the same degree, differences in colour (oil used), is the text printed the same way, etc etc.