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Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water


When I was in high school I was skeptical about many things. But none more so than bottled water. When they first introduced it in the cafeteria I laughed my ass off. Money? For something like water?

Now it's many years later and I find myself drinking it... That is until now. I realized how much of a sucker I was. That and I read a little on the internet about it and it just reinforced my beliefs. Those greedy corporate bastards would bottle air and sell it if they could.

Anyways, What are your thoughts? Any interesting info?

Better yet, I'd love to see a T-Nation article on it. (unless there is one, if so I apologize but I did do a search and found nothing) It's kind of ironic that T-Nation has so many articles promoting drinking water for health and nutrition, yet there is nothing so far on just plain or water, tap water, bottled water, piss water, etc.



There's been some discussion about xenoestrogens and bottled water. Here's a link to an article about them:

Other than that, I also see no point to buying it. I would rather just buy a Nalgene or something similar and fill it myself.


suppose it completly depends on the quality on the tap water.

Somewhere like india, im not drinking the tap water, but in glasgow im all for it...

And then by the same thought process, depends where the bottled water came from and how it was processed etc etc..

tap water vs bottled water is a very vague question imo. and your simply going to get peoples views based on where they live and the quality of their tap water..



thanks guys.

yeah I agree about your location thosebananas. but I am just talking about the good ol fashion US of A. in general I mean.

thamks guys


That's a good point. Were I in Mexico, my stance would change completely.

If we're just talking about the US though, I'd stick with your own bottles. Hell, there's water fountains everywhere you can fill up.


Some people like to avoid the fluoride and whatever contaminants are potentially in the tap water. Just playin devils advocate.


I drink Costco (Kirkland brand) bottled spring water for several reasons: My tap water tastes and smells like a dirty swimming pool, and contains dissolved industrial chemicals as well as heavy metals like cadmium and lead, in addition to toxic flouride they throw in for a final kick in the balls.

My tap water is far more toxic than the posion leaching from the plastic bottle (recycle code #1) that the water comes in. The taste of their spring water, at least from the source that supplies my location, is fantastic. The cost... for bottled water anyway... is low. I know tap water is nearly free, but my health is priceless.

I was one who once laughed at those paying for bottled water.. now I hardly ever drink from the tap. I also do not get constipated like I used to, (iorn overload maybe). If money is a problem, you may want to get a brita filter or something for your tap water.

.. Please recycle!


I buy Gallons of water, but generally just as a means to measure my intake.

I refill them with tap water and replace them when it seems appropriate.

Of course, the tap water around here is of pretty good quality.


im all for drinking from the tap! IF of course the water doesn't taste like crap from the chemicals added or literally crap (im referring to 3rd world countries there)...aside from feeling scammed into something i dont need to buy for something i can get at home for way cheaper, i feel like it actually helps keep my immune system strong.

(i dont want to side track into the 'when i was a kid i would drink straight from the hose and i never got sick!' talk) i was wondering for those who do drink from the tap do you fill your bottles with the hot water or cold water? i read something about the bacteria thriving in the hot water pipes?? idk if thats entirely true though and it sure wouldnt worry me to much either way...i like my water cold anyhow!

oh and there was a study recently from europe i believe, confirming the well known debate that plastic bottles release large amounts of harmful chemicals (BPA to be exact) because they get broken down from multiple washings and/or hot water...except bottles like the nalgene brand...

and OP....there are VERYYYY greedy people in this world!




I used to work in production at pepsi.

the aquafina water is nothing more than city water from the local bottler
they filter it and hit it with uv and then ozone is used to sanitize the bottles bit in the end its city water

now I have several 5 gallon jugs and a cooler I refill the jugs with water from a machine.
reason why I do is because I have a private well and even with my whole house filter if the water sits in anything over night it smells like lake water, meaning theres bacteria and such being that its untreated ground water. the filters take out the sediment thats it.

so I get the filtered water and it can sit bottled for weeks and not have any smell to it.because its treated and filtered via RO


i use a brita water filter, delicious and environmentally friendly, not like i care about that though


Bottled water is fucking retarded.

Get a Klean Kanteen. They are kick-ass.



Brita filters and pitchers FTW. You can buy a year's worth of filters for less than what 1 month of Arrowhead bottled water would cost.


I use one of the klean kanteens and so does my dad. They really are great, personally I take it to work and there we have a filter for the tap water and I have one at home (a filter) so no need to get bottled water.