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Bottled crap?

The other day I was at my local health food store grabbing a few pounds of protein and some other stuff. On the endcap near the register was some Designer Protein premade drinks. I thought hell Ill try one, a little treat I thought. So this morning I go hit the gym and after I decide to try this new shake. Kiwi STRONGberry was its name. More like Kiwi DINGLEberry!!! It was awful! Almost like those old ABB premade drinks. Really bitter, enough to make your mouth swell shut, if you know what I mean. Wow, treat my ass! Just thought I would share that with ya’ll. 3 bucks for a bottle of crap at your local health food store.

designer makes awful tasting drinks. i have a hard time finishing them.

Save your money on all of them, guys.

For “convenience” you get what amounts to bitter, flavored milk. They usually start with cheaper protein species, that are overcooked via pasteurization (that’s required by law), thereby denaturing them even more. They sit for God knows how long between manufacturing, shipping and distribution and reach you in an almost useless state.

Go for the “inconvenience” of a good solid protein product and take a little time out of your day to mix it. You wallett, pallette and body will thank you for it!

Yes its a hard road to finding the perfect tasting protein powder, im currently using a new zealand product called BODY-TECH it is 80% protein and 10% colostrum they also have another ratio as well 60% protein and 30% coclstrum, also a pure colostrum product good for all the iggf1 in it.