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Botox Tax - Nancy Pelosi Terrified!


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!! Hell, we could pull out of this recession from Pelosi's botox bill alone!


wow a whole new set of taxes again! Should we still applaud and be happy to not live in Socialistic countries with high tax rates? I wonder how long till a tax revolt takes hold.


The next group of taxes will surely be taxing cool people. They will then take the money from the taxes, set up a government agency to help not cool people be more cool. Only they won't hire cool people to do the training, instead they will hire cheats and swindlers and most lilkley losers at the bottom levels.

This will just make the uncool people they are trying to help even more ridiculed and uncool. And while I don't see any major problems with the gap between cool people and uncool people getting wider, is it really that important of an issue to be spending millions and millions of dollars on?

What it will likley accomplish is that cool people, not wanting to get taxed, will start acting like assholes, nerds, and all out losers. Paying bills late, going to the midnight screening of harry potter in costume, wearing too tight spandex to innapropriate venues. Is nothing sacred anymore?



Excellent analogy of the Racial problem with White and black folk.