Both Shoulders Flare Up


I am 45 yr old newbie olympic weightlifter and I have read useful, interesting info on here regarding shoulder problems… impingements, treatments, etc. But , they usually refer to the “injured shoulder”. ( singular ). It seems that whenever my shoulder problems flare up it is always completely bilateral… either both shoulders feel ok or both shoulders hurt like hell particularly in overhead movements.

I don’t know if this is good or bad news that it occurs on both sides vs one side ( my guess is bad ) but it amazes me at how similarly my two shoulders always tend to feel particulalry when they are in the same amount of pain.

From what I’ve read, a lot of the symptons sound like impingement due to poor posture / weak external rotators / muscle imbalances etc… but I wanted to ask if any other people here with chronic shoulder issues tend to always flare up identically on both sides and if that indicates anything in particular? If so, what worked for you?


Im 35 and my shoulders flare up regularly. Mostly due to bad form. But, I have not seen it related to both, usually my issues are one or the other.

Interesting enough, I separated my shoulder about 6 years ago and that shoulder is far stronger now than the other.
Oh well, good post and I hope you get some good feedback as I am interested in the shoulder pain as well.

Another fellow trainer told me that as our muscles grow its important to maintain good flexibility. I have neglected my shoulders extensively and am now paying for it. I’ve seen a great shoulder workout here on tnation that Ive thought of trying.


I just pinned one of the definitive articles on this subject on the front page:

It seems, at least according to Ian, that one of the problems is an inequity between horizontal rowing and bench pressing.

In other words, 98% of the population in general, and 99% of the population of people with shoulder problems, doesn’t spend as much time rowing as they do benching.

Thanks TC, im going to start working on this right away.