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Both Cardio Types?

Since I’m trying to lose fat, would it be beneficial to do both types of cardio in the same day/workout period, or would it be counterproductive?

For instance, can you do 30 minutes of moderate cardio pre-workout, lift, then do 15 minutes of HIIT afterwards?

I’m trying to lose a significant amount of fat, so I know I will probably lose some muscle and strength along the way.

Any responses are much appreciated.


That article may give you some food for thought.

As a general rule always do anaerobic work first. That means if you must do them together do your lifting first and then your hiit and do steady state cardio last.

Doing them all at once could negatively impact your recovery and muscle building/maintaining efforts. Splitting them up, if possible, is probably a better idea.

Once again since the hiit is a more anaerobic activity it should be done before the steady state if you do decide to lift at a separate time.