Both BBB and FSL

I’ve been doing the 531 program with bbb for the same exercise as the 531 for the day, for a few months and made decent gains. But recently I’ve read alot of people making good gains by switching the BBB for another exercise, like Squat 531 and Deadlift BBB. I’m just wondering if I should add FSL after the squats to get some more volume on squat before deadlift BBB. Or should I do joker sets on squat?

BBB and FSL are both supplemental programs. You do one or the other; not both.

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Fun thing is that the latest recommendation by Jim is not to do the cross-exercise thing - i.e. Squats 5/3/1 and DLs BBB, or Bench 5/3/1 and Press BBB.
You shouldn’t pile up BBB and FSL, BBB on itself is heavy, throwing in FSL too would hijack your progress.
Same for Jokers, from what I recall BBB is to be done with 5’s Pro as main work.

Really? I thought he made BBB V2 where you could cross exercise? Maybe I’m wrong.

If you use that crazy thing up top called the search bar, you can see where this has been answered more times than Jim has called someone a jackass. Don’t mix them.

He doesn’t recommend switching the exercises. There’s literally zero point to doing that.