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Bosu Ball Pressing

A strength coach I follow likes to have his athleats perform dumbbell press on a bosu ball. What is the major benefit of this if any. Thanks

Just do regular db presses…

It attracts attention and gives the illusion that you are innovative.

The theory is that by making the base of support less stable you must improve your capacity to use your muscles to create stabilization thus developing your body’s capacity to adapt to unstable environments or sudden changes in stability demands of a situation.

I’m not against stabilization work. But if it is to be done, it should be separate of the weightlifting component which is designed to increase strength, size and power and repeated studies have shown that pressing on an unstable surface decreases forces production.

Crazy thing is. I like it better than pressing on a bench it feels better on my shoulders and I get a better chest contracti N

Then do it. Who am I to tell you to avoid an exercise if it feels good? I personally do not use it and never used it with my clients neither will I ever. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot work for someone. The most important thing is to be motivated by your own workouts and if an exercise helps you do that because you like it,then fine.