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Boston- What Do You Do Here?

I have lived in Boston for a few years now and I feel I have found some cool places to eat, walk around, shop at etc.

Does anyone know of some really cool places around the city that I may not know about. What are you favorite places to go to? Please, no bars or clubs. No “go to The Pru” or “I love Fenway Park”, I am talking about small stores, coffee shops, concert venues etc.

Here are a few of mine, Stels (clothing) on Newbury, Bagel Rising in Allston (the ike on a wrap), Mr. Music in Allston, there is a great sandwich place called Ankaras on Comm Ave., Il Mondo Pizza on Huntington by Mass Pharmacy, Coolidge Corner Theater has some good movies playing, Uburger on Comm Ave by Fenway, the J.P Licks at Brigham Circle is the best J.P licks in Boston for sure, the best vintage clothing store is Bobby from Boston in Southie, also the Closet on Newbury has good stuff too.