Boston May Miss Season


What is it with this guy? I keep waiting for him to just start destroying people. Maybe Poliquin should have concentrated on making him faster without the 40 extra pounds, huh?

Dookie you beat me to this post. He is now out for the whole season, as he tore the ligament. He has now tore ligaments in both of his knees. People are probably going to blame his size again, but he has lost some weight. Maybe he is still to big. All he did was plant to make a cut and he tore up his knee. This shouldn’t be happening. I’m pissed now, I wanted to watch him tear it up.

But does a reciever really need to carry 240 lbs. at 6’2"? Poliquin swears that Boston was just a freak and they didn’t train for hypertrophy, but I find it hard to believe.

I read that he is now at 228, which is what he played at in 2001 when he was all-pro. However in 2002 he had his first knee injury. I don’t know what the deal is. I know Charlie Rogers is up to about 220 for Detroit, but i think he may be taller. All I know is that receivers shouldn’t be getting seriously hurt while running pass routes, especially to a previously uninjured area.