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Boston Marathon Bombed

Holy Shit. Two bombs at the finish line. Sickening.

EDIT—Apologies, my first post didn’t show up to edit! NY Times Katz tweets: police scanner–possible bombs at JFK library and other areas. Police investigating for more bombs, have found several secondary devices so far


explosion at jfk library and they keep finding packages, two dead and dozens injured. my sister just called to see if I was ok

Hope that Beans and everybody else who lives in MA aren’t there and/or are safe.

One experienced war correspondent on from Fox News who was there smelled Cordite in the aftermath,
This was deliberate as much as I held on to the possibility this was an accident, PLUS the two different locations,
it was deliberate.

There is a bigger thread in GAL on this.

Damn. yeah sorry maddox i didn’t see the GAL thread when this started

[quote]Aragorn wrote:
Damn. yeah sorry maddox i didn’t see the GAL thread when this started

I tried to start one also, but it never came out, so I presummed the mods killed it. I looked on GAL and there was one already started. No worries man.

It’s the Republicans’ fault…

Ex-CIA agent Robert Grenier on Boston Marathon bombings


Suspects father say they were framed.

Ignorant or correct? I mean framing wise it’s pretty easy to just pick some recent immigrants, but otherwise it seems doubtful.