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Boston Loyd Raw Footage

He’s nowhere near the bodybuilder his father was. And I’m certain his dad didn’t overuse as much as Bostin is.

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that’s the thing I don’t get. How some of these guys don’t attract more attention. How there isn’t local law enforcement (or otherwise) who see this kind of thing and try to find a way to bust him. It really makes me think they just don’t care.

I imagine it’s mostly that he’s straddling a grey area here. Most local law enforcements are so swamped and understaffed/underpaid for their day to day operations that they have no vested interest in building a case against an internet nuisance, whereas at the same time Loyd isn’t a big enough player to attract any sort of higher level attention. It might seem like “easy pickings”, but it’s not worth the time for the local guys and not worth the effort for the bigger folks.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s real stupid to videotape yourself committing a crime and put it on the internet, but most likely no one is going to come knocking with a warrant unless he starts getting into even more stuff.

He does supposedly make quite a bit of money coaching and probably dealing. has his own supplements and apparently synthol line. If true, he could be make more than many pros.

he’s also starting a G4P site too, apparently

He already covered himself with that. He’s not injecting steroids, he’s taking steriods.

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I think that if the cops want to get him for any reason, they’ll want to get him for distribution. Hence, they’ll spend time monitoring him while trying to build a case which could take months depending on his networks. Posting videos of this nature may not incriminate him but they MAY allow them easier access to related evidence which would otherwise be inadmissible or extremely hard to obtain.

all it’ll take is for a cop to drive past when he’s pinning his peptides in the car park like a moron

I’m sure that’s where the real money in bodybuilding is made -lol.


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there’s some creepy-ass schmoes out there!

It’s not just bodybuilding either. I know a guy who’s a retired MMA fighter, and he was approached on more than one occasion by a dude who wanted to pay him to kick him in the nuts. He was going to pay per kick!

The video in and of itself is useless and will not get him arrested. It probably has put him on someone’s radar and could, coupled with something more, lead to a search warrant. After he is arrested, it can most likely be used in court, but probably only if he were to testify and denied using PEDs. In any event, the guy is a giant douche bag.

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Agreed on all counts, haha.

I just wanted to laugh at this.

Well done, CC.

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I know there have been countless arguements in here about how much steroids work. But, these two guys give me a very strong example of “if you take enough steroids, you can get big, even if you are not genetically gifted or talented.”

These two dudes scream at me that they have very little natural talent and I would never consider them genetically gifted by any stretch of the imagination.

Keep in mind they’re not just using steroids. You can get plenty big on synthol.

Bostin is not lacking in genetics when it comes to size. Go look up his parents. You could say that despite his genetics and his amount of drug use, he’s not anywhere near the potential of someone with his background. I dunno about the other guy.

However, in general, you can stay in much better shape(leaness and muscle fullness) with the use of drugs with a more liberal diet provided it doesn’t totally suck.

I don’t know who his parents are but I have known children of parents that were very gifted that did not get lucky enough to have those traits passed down to them. Also, have seen first hand the reverse of this happen.

These guys scream mediocre to me.

Dude is shooting up synthetic too. The only thing that I found “impressive” (if that is the word to use) was how well he was injecting himself. That part when he went into his chest.



Mediocre isn’t in their size really. It’s the amount of shit they are taking and their attitude. I don’t want to ignore your post, but I need to think about how to write out my thoughts on these two.

They don’t scream mediocre to you?