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Boston Loyd Raw Footage

I think this video will make millions of people stay natural forever.

I dont follow BB nearly as much as I did since about 5 years ago… I’m only casually aware of Boston as “that guy who does a bunch of steroid YouTube vids” …

Having said that, Is this guy winning anything or doing anything of note in BBing aside from being “that steroid youtube guy”? I feel like I would get depressed if I did all that to look like a lower tier BBer. I could see if he was cracking top 6 at the O taking the risks that all these drugs come with, but wow… To be languishing in the middle of the pack as far as users go and doing all of that is a totally different mindset than I have I suppose.

Obviously he is leaps and bounds above the average gym rat (as he should be, he’s on buckets of steroids) but man… I am so glad I didnt take the plunge many years ago when I got the itch seriously. I could have easily seen myself getting to the point this guy is at and regrettably not even look like that incredible.

Looks like a regular gym idiot to me.

Who makes crazy eyes before they nibble on little bits of tandori chicken?

Hahaha, at what time?

About 19:45
(Post must be…)

wow, did you actually manage to watch 20 minutes of that?

Sometimes I just can’t help it. These crazy juice monkeys are funnier than a whole barrel of real ones!

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I think you know the answer to that is no, he’s not. He’s done nothing. Can’t even win small shows. His physique is terrible by competitive bodybuilding standards. He kind of reminds me of Rich Piana in some ways, as far as his physique goes, in that it’s really good, genetics are above average for sure, but there is a very clear limit as to how far he can go. At least Rich acknowledges that fact. I’ve seen Rich talk about when he realized he absolutely wasn’t cut out for the biggest stages, so he changed his focus to just doing what he wanted to in the gym and saying fuck getting judged, I’m just gonna have enormous arms. Bostin should be taking the same path soon.

As far as what you said about the steroid journey… that’s interesting that you believe you could have gotten to the point Bostin’s at. I can’t see myself getting anywhere near that. I know very few people who take ‘buckets of steroids,’ but I know a lot of people who use them. Most people I know who use them have been fairly successful using much lower dosages, although I admittedly come from a strength training perspective much more so than bodybuilding. Bodybuilding might be much harder than competitive lifting for all I know, and may require more elite genetics to be excellent at it.

Anyway. Just some thoughts. I’ll be watching this video on and off throughout the day.

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I’m not a fan of the kid, but to his credit he did actually win quite a big show when he first started out, but has totally sucked since.

I forget what the show was called, but I’m like 95% sure it happened.

I like the disclaimer at the beginning. He does not condone or recommend the use of “steriods”.

I, on the other hand, do condone the use of spellcheck. Especially when creating legal disclaimers.


His most recent show, he lost, and went online with a whole video diatribe complaining about how he should have won. Now, whether the guy who beat Bostin was a more complete package (shorter BBer, probably better symmetry IMO based on the few pics I saw), or the IFBB didn’t want to reward an ass clown to is making his following by publicly “exposing” just how much reliance on various PEDs there is in the sport… well, you can make your own guess.

I’ve known plenty of National level competitors as well as IFBB Pros over the years, and to this day, have several I count as very good friends. Not everyone wants to hear this, BUT, what I’ve found is that more often than not, the better competitors are on a hell of a lot less than the wanna be’s.

The general consensus I read from the industry is one of negativity towards this particular gentleman.


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This dumb kid is going to end up in jail.

great post, and at the risk of turning this thread into another one of those kind of discussions, he’s kind of his own worst enemy as the frankly LUDICROUS amount of PED use Bostin preaches still hasn’t catapulted him into the upper echelons of the support, which pretty much shows you that if you haven’t got what it takes all the drugs in the world won’t get you there.

And no, I’m not downplaying the importance of drugs so don’t anybody start that shite.

or with septicemia! That injection technique was scary to watch

That was funny. Again, that was funny

Yeah I wouldnt have gone as far as he does (site injections and TONS of shit) but I could easily see myself adding “just one more thing”

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Saw some folks discussing how long (or even IF) that footage will remain up online in terms of self incrimination. I’m no lawyer, but it’s an interesting thought.


i don’t think it’s particularly incriminating. The ‘warning don’t try this at home, for educational purposes only’ caption is actually important from a legal perspective as I understand it. And he can always make the argument that he’s not actually injecting drugs. He can just say it’s grapeseed oil or whatever, lol. There’s no actual evidence that the drugs are what he says they are. Seems like he’s fine.


Yeah this is right. The actual problem is attracting unwanted attention to himself, especially since he’s buying(or even possibly selling) drugs in large quantities.

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