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Boston Gyms

Allrighty – I’m moving to Boston in May, and I was wondering if any of you Boston T-Freques could recommend a good hard-core weightlifting gym in the area of the Financial District or around Government Center? Or anywhere in the area really? Thanks in advance.

people move too much… just stay put… if you didna find happiness within you, you aina gonna find it in Boston

just about all the places you go are going to be pretty pricy, bro! i know this from being a new englander. let me knwo if ou are looknig for cool hang out spots in bean town too, iwill set you up.

Mike’s gym in the south end (i think it’s in the south end). It’s fairly close to boston medical center where i used to work. It’s a hardcore gym with plenty of weight. The only drawback if it matters to you is that the members are about 90% gay men. I quickly got over that once i realized it truly is the best gym in boston. The gay men will not bother you once you let them know you’re straight.

Thanks for the overarching philosophy on life Freebie, but I’m moving because I graduate then, my lease is up then, and I start a job in Boston in September – but I have to pass the bar in Massachusetts in July, which makes it an ideal place to study…

Yeah, I know they’re pricey – I spent the summer up there working on my internship, and I got a 3-month membership at the Boston Sports Club, which I thought would be good because of its proximity to my work. It sucked – too small, too many aerobics/machine stuff, minimal free weights, and damn expensive. And, to top it off, it was under construction all summer, which once led to my being evacuated from the shower room, wrapped in a towel, in response to a fire alarm set off by construction dust. But I digress… I think I’m going to live right around Government Center, and I’m working over in the Financial District, so ideally I would like to find something around there. However, any info on Boston would be cool – especially cool places to hang out. Thanks.

About how long would it take me to get out there from either South Station or Downtown Crossing? Those are the closest T-stops to my job. As for the gay guys, while that’s not my bag, as long as they would leave me alone I’d be fine with it – and my fiancee probably wouldn’t mind the lack of “inspiring” rows of aerobicized female backsides on an endless line of stairmasters…

Does anyone have an opinion on Planet Fitness, which is located between Downtown Crossing and the Boston Common? Or of that new LA Sports complex thing over by that new movie theater that’s sort of between Chinatown and the Public Garden?