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Bostin Lloyd s-%$*ing on Frank Zane


waste of oxygen

Frank Zane; classic physique any gym rat would love to have.


Just more reasons to not respect Bostin. Just classless IMO.

Now, do I believe Zane should have beaten mentzer in 1979? Absolutely not. Do I believe that Zane had an impressive physique (that can honestly be emulated by people without PEDs)? Yup.

I wish Lloyd would just fade off into obscurity already.



My main thought= Who the fuck is Bostin Lloyd!!!

Also, Bostin is a ridiculous name.


Lol, ya… I had to google him.

Trying to get attention and continue being controversial, any publicity is good publicity for guys like that. What a tool.

Anyone know if that’s his real name/spelling, or his “stage name?”

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I think that is his real name. This is the guy that also said he liked the look of his huge gut which puts calling out Frank Zanes physique in perspective

Don’t you feel that an effective way to accomplish this would be to stop sharing his posts?

Guys like this live for attention. The most harmful thing you can do to them is ignore them. Anything else is just giving them what they want.

Lol - I didn’t share it. I’m more likely to say beetlejuice 3x and hope that he appears.


Doh! You are right. I got you and brick confused for a second. That’ll teach me to post between sets at 5 in the morning, haha.


I think it’s completely unnecessary to attack one of the legends. Why can’t we all have good contact instead of insulting eachother. Respectless.

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