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Boss`s diet(just a vent)

Hello all, real fast vent for me as I just got back from lunch alittle while ago.Anyway my boss,and a few others from the “front office” are on low carb diets(non-workout,don’t know anything about diet etc…) So anyway I walk into the cafe,and what do I see?My boss making a shake and next to it is some Low Carb milk,Breyers low carb ice cream,and some heavy cream!! Now I would have just blown it off(well maybe I would) if he told me it was just a cheat,once in a while type thing,but of course my interest got the better of me so I asked him what was going on with the shake…He told me that it will work great with his new diet,and he loves milkshakes so this will be his new lunches,and probably dinners for a while!!! He also informed me that he and the wife went shopping the other day,and they bought anything that said Atkins Approved,so he is stoked about all the breads,and other junk foods he can eat…Sorry for the rant guys just figured some others would get a laugh…

lol I know what you mean. I was at Outback a couple of nights ago and I overheard this woman explaining how she couldnt eat certain vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, potatos etc. because she was doing the low carb thing you know. Well, by the time she had finished her meal I guess she had forgotten about that diet, and ordered a huge piece of cheesecake for dessert!
I was laughing so hard I almost choked on my steak!

that is funny. Isn’t it great to laugh at other people’s ignorance. And, people wonder why we have this obesity epidemic.

thanks Dave


I especially like the ones at the buffet (Ryan’s). They look for the low carb entree and sides then, proceed to load two or three plates higher than Everest and sit down to eat “a low carb meal” on their diet.

If he eats that many sugar alcohols he’s going to be on the toilet half the day!

I especially like the ones at the buffet (Ryan’s). They look for the low carb entree and sides then, proceed to load two or three plates higher than Everest and sit down to eat “a low carb meal” on their diet. <~~~~Hahaha I love those people too!! Also I agree with Davo2 about my boss shitting all day, I did’nt even think about that and since the guy annoys me on a daily basis i don’t think I will let him know,in fact im going to recomend some fiber supps to help insure that he is in the bathroom all day…I will be the saviour at work!!

This is a fun rant. You know another thing I love to see. People eating roasted soy beans by the handful. This one guy in particular picked up in the “health craze” in the 90’s. He fully believes soy will get him the body he wants. I’ve given up on trying to help him because he won’t listen, so now I just smile every time he munches on those things.

I am glad you guys get a kick out of my boss as well…Here is what I have also seen him eat for typical lunches while on this diet for the last few weeks.Oh and by the way he swills atleast 6 cups/day of a half coffee,half creamer(half,and half)evryday as well as many diet pepsi`s(I guess he has never heard of WATER!?!)I have seen lunches consist of:

4 Subway chicken,and bacon Atkins wraps
12 Meatballs from a take-out joint
a couple bowls of Wendys Chili(he says that the fiber in the beans cancel out the carbs).
Many “unbreaded” hot wings
and one day I saw him eating just the cheese,and meats off of some kind of meatlovers pizza!!

Oh god,now just to think of all the Atkin crap I will see him eat…

He eats 4 wraps for lunch? WTF?

Hehehe! Isn’t this great? Yeah, I love how the folks who can’t stop talking about “doing atkins” seem to forget about things like portion size.

Hahaha yeah 4 wraps for lunch!! He is a big guy and a big eater!! He challenged me to a Subway wrap eating contest,but I told him that all that greasy bacon,and creamy-ass sauce that they put in there would make me throw up!!

Oh man this is a funny one. I have a couple; there is this guy I work with that is a diabetic. He is always saying carb this and sugar that. Well he eats like shit, lunch for example today was a chicken wrap, fries and a piece of cake that was big enough for 2 people. I used to tell him about proper nutrition and remind him that if I eat a messed up cheat meal once a week I may stop my progress but if he eats it he will be losing a foot. Now I don?t even say anything I was wasting my breath. Both my parents are on Atkins and it kills me. Well my Dad actually has lost some weight maybe 40 lbs in 6 months (he was heavy) my Mom has been doing it and is complaining that she only lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Everything in their house has that little blue A on it and is full of sugar alcohol. The 4 lbs must be from the increased exercise from running?to the can every 30 mins!

Yeah I see that stuff all the time too, but what gets me is some of my extended family were going on and on about how the don’t cook food with salt anymore, and then when they sit down at the table they COVER their food in salt… it just left me scratching my head.

And just a mini hijack
My dad did an Atkins-style diet about 10 years ago (before the craze) against the advice of his doctor, and he dropped his cholestorol dramatically and lost a bunch of weight.

So Atkins isn’t bad if you aren’t a brainless simpleton.

Fellas, it’s genetic.

Yeah Im not saying Atkins,low carb diets are BAD,I am just talking about the flood of Atkins approved junk food that has hit the market…It’s just like the low fat craze that hit,they came out with a bunch of low fat junk food,and filled it with sugar.

Have you read the back of one of those Atkins boxes? (sorry, dieting and stuff has turned me into a compulsive box label reader) It is all soy protein with alcohol sugars.

“Wow marge, eating these Atkins things makes me feel kinda funny. By the way, have you seen my left testicle? It declared a mutiny and said it was going to Idaho to eat some potatoes.”