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Boss of Bosses VI Day 2

OOOOEEEEE!!! CC Ingram!!! Yury, Joe Sullivan, Strickland, Julius Maddox (pretty sure bench only), Rob Hall (who I dont think has competed in a while for a bad leg injury), Robb Philippus (quads like Rob), Maliek Derstine… those are the names I most want to see compete.

Also Hayden Bowe, I wonder if he will total more than his GF Stefi? :smiley:

Was injured prepping for Boss of Bosses V in a freak accident. Cant wait to see what he has today.

Cant believe I missed Frenceco Catalano!!! He taught me about homebrewing :smiley: Knew him when we both lived in Playa del Carmen.

Oh shit Jamal Brown!!! Pretty sure I am now most excited to see him.

BOB might be the premier Competition.

Why the hell doesn’t WRPF use safety straps on the monolift? I turned on the live stream an a guy named Chad Penson was up for his 2nd squat, he unracked it and immediately dropped the weight backwards. The spotters are lucky they didn’t get hurt. It seems like those sort of accidents (dumping the weight right after unracking) are more common with a monolift for whatever reason, Yury Belkin did the same thing last year.


It must be the angle bit are almost all of these squats pretty high in terms of depth?

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straps would be really smart and probably because the monolift arms swing and move so it is harder to feel the weight…or at least that is my guess.

Definitely not IPF depth but I think most are good.

CC Ingram is stronger than me :sob:

she hit a 295kg 2nd and missed a 305kg 3rd because she stumbled at the top. In my book that counts for a gym lift PR.

Yury also hit a 416kg ATWR squat for his 2nd, it was a grinder and it looks like he is passing on 3rd.

I was wondering since you mentioned it, I looked back to the beginning of the livestream and in the women’s squats the camera angle was at the side. I saw a couple that were maybe parallel or an inch or two high and got 3 white lights. From what I have seen here and in the past, WRPF is not too strict on depth, around parallel is good enough for them.

I don’t have a lot of experience with monolifts, only used one at two meets and never trained with one but the arms did not swing or move on that model. It could have something to do with the fact that (unless you are walking the weight out) you can’t move your feet once you unrack the bar so if you are a little bit off balance you are fucked.

You know what, I watched a few more squats and you are right, the arms on the monolift move around. That would definitely be a problem if you were used to one where they didn’t move.

Yea, this must depend on the model. I have only got to use one for 3 squats and they moved a bit.

JULIUS MADDOX!!! just went 305 then 30.5kg jump to 335.5 to chip Kirill world record bench. He has more in the tank.

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Yeah, I just saw Maddox’s bench, I hate to say it but I’m not sure it should have passed. Not sure what the rules are in WRPF and the sound is messed up, but I don’t think it’s possible the got the rack command before losing the bar. His left elbow was only locked for about a second. I’m sure he could lift more, and maybe will on his 3rd attempt, it’s just a question of doing it properly.

On a side note, that’s also a perfect example of why stuff like bench safeties are important because Maddox would have been seriously injured otherwise.

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Looks like that’s it for Maddox, I thought he should have gone for 337.5-340 or something and try to make it a clean lift.

Also, I think half the lifters in flight B are coached by Josh Bryant. At least 6 guys in that flight alone.

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How would this judging compare to usapl? Not sure if you’re familiar with how they judge. I’m doing a usapl meet in about a month and shit if I can squat a couple inches above parallel during comp I might as well

No, those type of squats won’t pass in any IPF affiliate. You definitely need to squat below parallel there.


Most monolift manufacturers are telling people not to use straps on it now.

No idea why they don’t put longer feet on those things. It would solve the tipping forward problem


Is that why they tell people not to put straps on it, the tipping issue? I was thinking the exact same thing that longer feet would solve that, but I think it’s only a problem with certain models anyway.

There are a few feds who have rules that safety straps need to be used, like RPS and WPC (or at least the Canadian WPC affiliate). Even if the monolift were to tip over, I don’t think it could cause as much damage as the bar itself.

Hey guys I’m gonna be pretty busy tonight. Idk if anyone wants to put some of Bob highlight lifts in here for me and others to check out later. That would be awesome though.

There s a vid of the lift where you can see the judge. You can see their mouth move and hand signals for each part of the lift and it went to shit after the rack command.

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I watched a vid once maybe it was Dave Tate I don’t recall where he went through the mono. Depending on which way the arms swing out like some swing out forward or backward the opposite direction to that has a position that locks the arms in place. So if you set up a certain way you can set up against arms that move less.

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I actually think Maddox was passing out.

Also Yury totalled like 1066 at 100kg…all time wrapped total any weight class is 1140. The man does everything right especially when it comes to actual comp strategy. Like passing his 3rd squat. Sure he might have had another 5-15kg but it would have been rpe1000 and probably taking 10kg off bench and who knows how much off dead…having said that his 415 dead was so easy he jumped to a WR 436 and didn’t break the floor. Maybe he was injured.


If that’s the case then the lift is good. All I know is it looked like his left elbow locked for about a second and then unlocked and he lost control, to me that seems unusually fast to get a rack command but maybe I would just be an asshole judge.

His knee was injured recently, which is why he didn’t squat much at the Tribute. Maybe that had something to do with it.

100% lol

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