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Boss of Bosses IV Happening Now


Going on now.

Any info on attempts or videos or a live results page would be awesome.

Also there is a live stream on youtubez.

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From what I have found/seen on the live stream…

Oak Confirmed 370kg Squat (2nd) 227.5kg Bench (1st) and 340 Deadlift (1st)

He missed a 250kg Bench so I assume he probably has a 240ish kg Bench on his 2nd attempt guessing his total is 950kg or ~2094lbs.

I think he passed his 3rd Squat attempt because his 2nd attempt was an RPE like 11.5.

opened and smoked a 380kg squat, hit a 232 bench and I have not seen his deadlift yet.

Rubish missed a 385kg 3rd attempt. I saw he hit his bench opener of 195kg.

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OOOkay Yury fkn Belkin!!!

Only saw his opening squat and not sure what attempt the bench was but with that and his 2nd dead (he missed his 3rd) he went 380-232-420 for a 1032 total.


Results are official…


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The way Belkins 925 pull looked (I think he attempted 940 as a third?), and the other dudes 927 looked, leads me to believe we are gunna see a 220 pull 1000lbs. It’s unreal.


Is this a competition that happens every year? Is it alright that I’m bumping an old thread or does that annoy ppl? Anyways, it sounds interesting, would like to see what it’s all about.

It happens every year and it does annoy some people but meh, the info etc is here to read :slight_smile: