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Boss of Bosses 3 Review

This meet was a great meet and a really fun one to watch because of the battle of 220s.
I have a few questions and statements regarding the meet.

  1. On pete rubish’s last attempt on deadlift how did those plates slide? Arent those collars extremely strong. Must have been a loader problem or something along those lines.
  2. What happened to Tee Cummins?
  3. I just found out about Yury Belkin and his pulls are insane. Was he the only russian over there?
  4. How did the judges pass Amit Sapir’s squats, they were so high.
  5. Dan green didnt so well in this meet, is this so because he had to spend alot of time planning the meet rather than just focus on preparing for it.
  6. lmao i think pete was the only 242.
  7. Ending on amit sapir, when they had that monolift problem where it almost crushed Amit. Instead of relying on spotters they should use fucking straps in case that happens.

Didn’t see this. Can you post a video?

His ankle rolled under and 826-lb squat attempt. He lowered his bench and deadlift openers and finished the meet. Many people sharing much respect for Tee after an all-time gutsy performance.

Not sure if he was the only Russian, but I agree. He made every lift look so easy. The fact that he came so close to Ed Coan’s 901 is surreal. That is considered by many (myself included) to be the single greatest lift of all time. I am definitely a huge Belkin fan now.

You call a 2,094 total @ 220 raw not doing so well?

No - Larry Williams totaled 2,090 @ 242. There were others.

RE: Amit Sapir - his depth was fine. It wasn’t a monolift problem, he jumped the rack command. Sucks to miss a world record on a technicality but he took it gracefully like a man.

I don’t know how Tee’s right ankle isn’t broken and his left knee isn’t destroyed and his head wasn’t smushed. Scary as fck that’s for sure.

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compared to dan green’s other meets, its not as good.

Anybody have results of this posted anywhere? I can only find the 220s results/videos.