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Boss Is Still Kicking....Literally


Well...other than a few comments here and there..I've been way too busy to keep up with you guys. BUT after some serious medical issues, injuries,KIDS(two of them now)...I'm stepping in the cage again this weekend (in Louisiana) after long hiatus. This time at 265...no more superheavy fat ass division for me..lol.

Wish this was a Muay Thai fight...but it's hard here in TX. Which is sad. But maybe in November for StriKing Promotions out of Oklahoma. But as a short lead up to now....I was 287lbs 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. Was 266.8 tonight on the scale. I feel like crap...but not horrible. Hell of a lot better than 300+ lbs. Anyways...keep ya eyes open..I will keep you guys posted.


Good to have you back, especially knowing you have beat those medical issues. Good luck in your fight this weekend..........Damn, bro, try not to get any bigger or someone is going to sign you up for the WWE.


Yeah..I almost died from one issue(which was actually Muay Thai-related). Then there was the heart attack when I found out my wife was pregnant...again...j/k'n..lol. Other issues were definitely weight-related.


Awesome that you are getting back in the cage. If you want on a card in the Mem. TN area hit me up. There are some heavyweights you can play with up here.

Are you fighting with Extreme Fighting Championships?


Congratulations on even Little'r Boss. Some would feel compelled to post a picture.

I am glad to see you back and that you got past your medical issues.


Robert A


Cool! Yes..Xtreme FC...Ponchatoula,LA!


Yes, the return of the man that brought us the shout out to rope skipping thread. that is part of how I started transitioning into boxing training. Congrats on the expected child.

I will look forward to catching your fight. It is one thing to read a person's post, but another to see how it relates to what they can do that is interesting.


Crossing my fingers!

When in doubt, sidestep and front kick.


Glad to see you back Boss, glad to hear your health scares have passed, and congrats on the little ones. Best of luck in your upcoming fight. :slight_smile:


Weigh-in went smooth...although my opponent couldn't make weigh-in for whatever reason. Promoter assured us he would be there to fight.

Weighed 262.8....now 275 today. Now to chill until tonight. Thanks for the support fellas


Ha! Solid advice :wink:


Well didn't go my way. Still need some work....and too long of layoff from last fight(2 yrs) to fight a 6-0 guy. But I will learn from this and carry it to next fight. Thanks for the support from the handful of you guys.


It's great to see you're back at it! Can't wait for you to fight again!


Much respect for beating the medical issues and then climbing back in the ring after such a long layoff, most people would have given up after that amount of time. Wish you lived closer to Ranzo, that guy does some serious training and would make a good training partner (LoL..weight factor aside)


Yes, that is a tough match up with any amount of ring rust.

Are you training predominantly for MMA or Muay Thai? I think I remember you being mostly on the kickboxing side.

Still, getting back into it with after beating back medical issues takes a huge amount of will and determination.


Robert A


challeging yourself despite all the odds is something beautiful and it helps building a strong mind to beat though moments.

Rooting for you mate!


Yes..predominantly Muay Thai...and that's what my muscle memory is engrained for. Which led to some errors that cost me. But I was itching for a challenge..lol. Just might take kickboxing tourney in November...that's my first love!


Very cool.

I can't imagine trying to keep so many different sets of rules straight. I am also a big believer in doing something you enjoy.


Robert A


Sorry it didn't go your way. I know the feeling well myself. You know what you need to work on just go do it. I myself like Muay Thai or kickboxing and I normally loose when someone gets me down and lays on me. I stopped training in a shirt for the most part because I can't train in a shirt and fight without one because things are so different.

Good luck on your next one.


Big up for getting in there! Great attitude.