Bo's Poor Man Bulk

ok people for today i am starting a log on my fall winter bulk . My goal is to gain around 10-15 lbs and when i go into a shred or cut in April to keep as much as possible. i figure around half of that is pretty good guess. i am not going to say i held onto 15 pounds of muscle because that is pure bull unless you are juicing and have a sh(t load of money to blow on your cycles which i don’t .

i am a hard working family may with three kids into all kinds of activities and that eat like three people on a mass diet! most of you know where i am coming from because you are in the same boat.

when i get supplements from Andro factory i will add them to this log but for now i am only using a pwo and a joint support along as my main source of any supplementation.

i am currently dealing with shoulder and bicep tendon issues which has stalled me in being able to train as the way i want to , but i am on the 5/3/1 wendler training method as of now using the bodybuilder assistance work added in. this allows me to keep the weight at a moderate level and gain strength through the weeks.

as of today i weigh 177 in the mornings. which is right on target with what i should . 5’8" and freshly 52 years of age.
i train 4-5 days a week 45 minute sessions HIT. minimal rest periods because i keep it high and i don’t have time to screw around in the gym . that is for people who don’t have a life outside it. i have **** to do. i follow the Dorian Yates way of training in high intensity and get out.

i do very little if no cardio but i may add some on off days preferably walking just to build up stamina for more intense training. this time of year allows me time off (i hunt during the fall around 30 days) so training on these days will probably go to 1 hour and harder.

i am not going to being attaching calories to this log unless i feel it necessary . i don’t believe you want to see or hear about what i eat . it will be clean as clean can be but it will be affordable. i expect to put on fat and lose what little detail i have achieved during the summer, but that goes without saying. that is what a bulk is all about. i will work up something of a caloric intake scale of percentages of pro/carb/fat daily just to keep myself in check. i am able to get some carb loaded meal replacement shakes at work to add cals during the day and i am able to consume quite a bit being the executive chef at a college i usually run brown rice, pasta, chicken, beef and fish proteins daily so i have a good amount of clean cals to get during work hours. at home is a different story with money tight and kids to feed i don’t have the luxury of knocking down 5 lbs of chicken breast or sirloin or orange roughy daily. i hopefully will be able to eat venison (if i am agood hunter this year) throughout the bulk in the form of steaks and burger.

well that is it for now in a nutshell this is more for me than anyone else but everyone is welcome to join in and follow along. if may not be exciting but i have set the bar for myself and i will not fail at this one. it may sound vain but we all want to turn heads when we walk by. as the Grand Master C.T. Fletcher says," we gonna be some sidewalk cracken’ mut$%^&*(ers when we come down the street!

hit deload legs today along with some light arm movements.
i am not going to complain anymore about my shoulder ya’ll know the deal.
so squats
75 for 10 for 5 sets
one legged extentions
65-10 for 4 sets
cable dips
4 sets 15 @75
dumbbell curls
20,30,30 fpr 10 each arm
dumbbell skulls 25 for 3 sets of 15

**** was burning and a bunch of students had taken over the area by then so i split. legs were toast anyway.
now ice, heat and sleep. great meals with the fam lately . high carbs and protein. got no idea how many cals i’ll do a sheet tomorrow and see where i am hitting. just using cups for rice and potatoes normal 4 ounce portions of meat just quadrupling it. haven’t check weight i will wait ill weeks end to see. hope i get better so i can start hitting the hard weight. good night boys and girls. should have my flex stuff tomorrow.

got a serios case of doms today in my legs so I will take another one off to rest the ole body. gonna have to change up my squatting routine and go to front squats because the bar is inflaming my rhomboids that in turn hurt my shoulder. this should still hit the parts I want to probably the quads even better . I wish where I trained had a hack machine .

I love those things but no one has he room in either gym to put one. we don’t even have squat racks just leg press and a smith. so do what you can with what you got. if people in Africa can train with pipes and car hubs I can make out without a hack machine!

well besides the shoulder issues i did hams, abs , calves and chest today

lying leg curls 4 sets 70,60,60,50 last one to failure around 10
seated leg curls 4 sets 90,80,80, 70 to failure
straight legged dumbbell deadlift- 50 lbers for 4 sets 10

ab curl machine 4 sets 15 reps at 70lbs
decline weighted crunches 3 sets 15
lying lower ab machine 45 lbs 2 sets 15

seated calf raises 4sets 25-125

smith machine bench 5/3/1
75,95,115,135,155,165,175 5 each personal best at 175 . i could definitely have done more weight even with my shoulder i believe i could have pressed 200 today if someone would have been there to spot me . 175 wasn’t that heavy and i did very slow reps like 2-3 down 2 up. i am amazed at how this system is working for me . this is the first time in aweek i have touched anything upper body. the shoulder is still a pain in the ass, and i believe iwill have to see a specialist for it, but for now i am going to keep up therapy with the chiro it worked before .

finished with decline press 75 4 sets 10
dumbbell flat press close grip 3 sets 20 at 20,25.
shoulder and arms were shot. got in 5 minutes of cardio before workout 3.5 mph on a 5.5 grade to warm up the hamstrings.

did 30 minutes of walking at my son’s tae kwoon do class the other night so i am getting in some of that on this to help keep the fat in check. overall been a good time off . got a lot of stuff done and even got in a great workout. can’t do better Than that.

cranked out a shoulder workout tonight .

did the reggie recommended delt destroyers, my shoulders will be in contact with you later, …holy ****!
talk about frying them, what a finisher!

started with 5/3/1 military press(seated for me)
75 for warm up 10 reps -

went to seated dumbbell press

delt destroyers
25 to failure
12 to failure
no weight to failure
3 sets man o man that is awesome

shoulder was tweeked abit but made it through
traps are hurting some right now so i hit the right area with those. they really work the upper back too.
thansk for the tip brother killer really killer.