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Boron - All My Patients Use It and So Should You


I take it in the afternoon as that is when I usually start feeling symptomatic. Are you supposed to take it at a certain time of day?

I have one which has B6 & niacin included


Am just thinking if am taking for sleep should u take closer to bedtime? Or it doesn’t matter because 5 htp is a precursor?
Or maybe with the timed release it really doesn’t matter.

I read start at 100 then if needed take a 2nd one. If you look at Costco reviews for the 5 htp some take 1 in am and 1 in pm.


Ah ok, no my sleep is usually fine. Mainly taking it to see it helps with my symptoms which I think could be adrenaline related.

I’ll stick with 100mg for a couple more weeks then maybe bump it up to 150 or 200 and assess. I read you shouldn’t take too much unless taking a dopamine precurser as well as it can deplete dopamine too much


Not sure when its covered in this thread, but when is Boron best taken? Can I take it along with ZMA or Magnesium?


I don’t think there were any restrictions on when or how to take it. I always just took with food in AM. other supps also.



Considering putting boron back into my supplements. Have you seen any impact on E2 when patients are following your protocol?

I think a few others were discussing the topic earlier in the thread. It would be very valuable information for myself, and others.


Yeah I might start taking it in the AM too

I was taking it at night, but waiting before I took ZMA and magnesium because the Boron was Calcium Borogluconate, and I heard you shouldn’t take Calcium at the same time with ZMA or Magnesium


Just want to add that I just had a consultation with Defy and my provider recommended boron to drop SHBG while on TRT. He said his patients typically take 9mg daily to drop SHBG by about 10 points.


@bcd1980 ask defy next about the correlation between low shbg and mortality and see what they say…

It’s about hormonal balancing and allowing magnesium to do its job. Stump them. It’s amusing.


Have you tried a protocol and seen it’s benefits? Maybe you won’t have an issue. Shbg isn’t concrete “your gonna need more T”.


I’ve recently started taking boron as a result of this thread.

I’m very interested in the COMT gene mutations, as I’ve often felt that excess catecholamines are causing my ED. What is the most cost effective method to check for gene mutations?

Also, are nurotransmitter urine tests worth looking into?


Email me and I’ll direct you where to go


I’m a high SHBG patient so that’s why it came up. BTW…I saw a post from you about L-Tyrosine for anxiety and I started taking it. It really helps!! Thank you. I also have some depression so will try to add 5-htp. What dose do you recommend?


What do you mean by try a protocol? You mean taking boron? I have not tried it. I’m adjusting my t4 dosage to see if that lowerers my SHBG then will try boron and ZMA after 6 weeks.


Sorry i mean have you started TRT yet and seen if shbg is even an issue for you.


Check this out. I got this from the link posted above.

Someone who understands all this medical verbiage please help me clarify. It says e2 increased then it says the ratio of t/ft ft/e2 increased and then it talks about e2 decreasing. I’m missing something here…

For me I have vitamin d defeciency and probably not enough magnesium. This tells me boron helps the body absorb and utilize both.

Someone said e2 is decreased. I’m curious if that’s even true after reading the following that I copy pasted below.

Regulation of Sex Hormones

Increased levels of sex steroids have been demonstrated in both men and women after boron supplementation.1,20 In 1987, Nielsen et al1 reported that dietary boron repletion in postmenopausal women (n = 13), who were previously on a low-boron diet, significantly increased their serum estradiol (E2) and testosterone levels, particularly for those women whose dietary intake of magnesium was low. In women on a low-magnesium diet, E2 almost doubled, increasing from an average of 21.1 pg/mL to 41.4 pg/mL. Testosterone more than doubled, rising from an average of 0.31 ng/mL to 0.83 ng/mL. Similar increases were seen in the women on an adequate-magnesium diet: E2 rose from an average of 15.5 pg/mL to 38.0 pg/mL, and testosterone increased from 0.38 ng/mL to 0.65 ng/mL. In 1997, Naghii et al21 published findings of a similar increase in serum levels of E2 in healthy males (n = 18) after 4 weeks of dietary supplementation with boron.

After only 1 week of boron supplementation of 6 mg/d, a further study by Naghii et al20of healthy males (n = 8) found (1) a significant increase in free testosterone, which rose from an average of 11.83 pg/mL to 15.18 pg/mL; and (2) significant decreases in E2, which dropped from 42.33 pg/mL to 25.81 pg/mL. All of the inflammatory biomarkers that were measured also decreased: (1) interleukin (IL) 6, from 1.55 pg/mL to 0.87 pg/mL; (2) high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) by approximately 50%, a remarkable decrease, from 1460 ng/mL to 795 ng/mL; and (3) tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) by approximately 30%, from 12.32 to 9.97 pg/mL. Levels of dihydrotestosterone, cortisol, and vitamin D increased slightly.

The significant decrease in the men’s plasma E2 after 1 week of boron supplementation suggests a higher rate of conversion of total testosterone (T) to free testosterone (FT) in the testosterone metabolic pathway. In support, the ratios of FT/T, T/E2, and FT/E2were all significantly increased, indicating boron had androgen amplifier effects: (1) FT/T (pg/mL/ng/mL) increased from 3.62 to 4.66; (2) T/E2 (ng/mL) rose from 91.68 to 148; and (3) FT/E2 (ng/mL) from 0.31 to 0.67.

It is well known that approximately 98% of testosterone molecules are bound to proteins in the blood, principally to sex hormone–binding globulin (SHBG), and are not bioavailable because bound hormones cannot exit capillaries.22 Thus, the elevation of unbound free testosterone seen with boron supplementation may have significant beneficial ramifications, particularly in aging men in whom, typically, levels of SHBG increase and levels of FT decrease.23


It says that women saw an increase in both E2 and testosterone, men saw a decrease in E2 and an increase in free T as well as T.


Ok so men see increase in the right hormone and woman in there’s. That’s awesome. Thanks


Think of boron as a hormone modulator. It allows for the appropriate elimination and unbinding of the right ratios for optimal health. You also need it to utilize magnesium and zinc.


Yes got all of those. I have 50mg zinc will add that. I didn’t take it long but will re add. Thanks much!