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Boron - All My Patients Use It and So Should You


Tell me More about your issues ?


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I can’t seem to tolerate big shots of testosterone. I get heart palpitations, pounding heart, fatigue and weakness. Splitting to EOD has helped as the injections are much smaller. My theory is that dopamine is too high and not getting processed properly due to COMT mutation leading to build up in norepinephrine and epinephrine. I also have urinary issues and ED, muscles feel tight down there which I think can be a result of too much norepinephrine? Could alpha blockers help do you think?


I also bought some methyl folate and hydroxocobalomin to try to treat COMT but I’m slightly hesitant to take tham as I have read some horror stories about people taking methyl B vitamins. Do you think they are safe?


How did you come around to this conclusion ? Did you test and notice or a doc maybe.


Genetic testing, lots of reading online and symptoms. No idea if I’m way off base or not but it’s an avenue to explore at least. No doctor I’ve seen has been able to come up with any ideas as to the cause of my symptoms


I’ll get you some info :slight_smile:


Good man for researching your self and not relying solely on the docs. Most do and just complain of no solution…

Thanks to NHwatts and this post I’m reminded to Order the 23andme soon. I bet you learned allot from this test ha.


Awesome, thanks man. Really appreciate it


The answers are out there somewhere, just got to keep looking.

23andme is interesting for sure. It can also drive you a bit nuts spending hours reading about your genes


Lol thanks for the heads up I’ll try to keep it simple. I’m very interested in my makeup. Fast twitch or slow. Diet and etc.


I’m just curious (I doubt I have anything wrong with my COMT gene.) but is there a test one can do to find out if they have a mutation in their COMT gene (sorry if this is a dumb question). I assume you can get like one of those swabby DNA tests or something.

about MTHFR, supplementation with L-methylfolate would be beneficial for these individuals right? I actually take this stuff, have for years :slight_smile:

So I have another question about this. I believe a myriad of things can lower SHBG chronically (insulin resistance being a major component), but certain ailments such as cushings syndrome, NAFLD etc also cause low SHBG, but I do believe supra physiologic doses of androgens, esp strong ones like DHT with high binding affinities to SHBG will lower SHBG quite a bit, am I wrong? Taking a hypogonadal male and boosting him to physiologic levels of testosterone should have a marginal effect with regard to decreasing mean SHBG concentration throughout the day no? That being said, I don’t get the hype with the SHBG stuff, it’s a load of BS, I recently got into an argument with a few people on the TRT forum with a few people about injection frequency and SHBG, I think I’ll quote you on there.

Tis about vanity, you wouldn’t believe the amount of guys my age who start lifting to get girls… then stop when they realise it doesn’t really make a difference haha. I wish lifting helped you get girls, I’d have like ten thousand sexual partners by now if that was the case lolz

Instead it’s more about the ability to socialise and talk… THAT’S a DEALBREAKER!!!



I would love info. I have MTHFR-A1298C, MAOA-R297R, both homozygous, and some others


With COMT we look more at underlying symptoms - anxiety, depression, OCD. These things can tell us if you have slow or fast mutations.

If the issue is anxiety based - we would use a lot of 5 htp and b6. If depression - we would use moderate 5htp and mucuna purines plus tyrosine.

And this is why it’s good to email me with issues haha. I’ll do as best I can to help everyone but I can’t always answer immediately.


Wow Thanks @physioLojik


That is good to know, I started taking 5-htp and b6 a couple of weeks ago and have been feeling better overall. Wasn’t sure if it was placebo or coincidence. I tend to get the physical symptoms of anxiety more than the mental ones.

What would your starting dose be? I’m taking 100mg 5htp and 10mg B6 daily.


I’m interested in this as well. I have a bottle sitting in my cupboard. I lot of people seem to have a rough time with “over methylation”

I can’t find much solid info about it - just various naturopaths with different protocols


MTHFR mutations are a decreased ability to methylate, so under-methylation if anything. methylfolate is folate with the methyl ester already added. It also is postulated that these gene mutations prevent people from being able to process folic acid (synthetic folate) at all.


Interesting you say that, because those are two of the tests I want to take (catecholamines and Serotonin). I just found it at a regular lab I use … interesting.


I meant after taking methyl supplements. It seems like a lot of people feel worse after taking methylfolate & methylcobalamin. Maybe it’s just a case of starting with a super low dose


What time of day do you take it?

BTW this one has b6 and B12 with it. And is time release.
Natrol 5-HTP Plus 100 mg., 150 Tablets