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Boron - All My Patients Use It and So Should You


Why not try doubling or tripling that for 3 months and see how SHBG reacts before going for another drug?


Well my last shbg reading of 19 was with a much higher carb diet. When shbg was around 23-25, this was with a very low cal, low carb diet.

So it seems more carbs reduces shbg for me. Not the way I wanna go…

From what I read, berberine is a herb… pretty harmless.


So is oleander but I wouldnt consume it :wink:


OMG! I have the same thought when somebody says… it’s just a herb. So are poopys! :rofl:


I mean poopys are all natural but I bet you meant poppies. :smiley:


Who doesn’t enjoy their daily poopys?


aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I forgot about this. My SHBG has been low when I had hypogonadism, when I didn’t have hypogonadism, when my glucose tolerance was impaired, when my glucose tolerance was fine. Clearly I’m just doomed to die young.

However I do believe the reason low SHBG could be correlated to earlier deaths is due to the wide range of medical pathology associated with low SHBG, if you’ve got a ton of obese people with low SHBG, did they die because they had low SHBG or because they were fat, had high blood pressure and a left ventricle the size of an airplane.

To be fair, given my sub-par lipid profile, current use/abuse of testosterone, previous health issues etc I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if I die young, I just don’t worry about it much anymore.


Bawahahahha! Teach me to not put my glasses on! :rofl:


Coming from the guy on a gazillion supplements. :wink:


Well I wasn’t making the herb claim, you were :slight_smile: . I fully understand that there is OTC meds and herbs that could kill you fairly quickly. And although I may be hasty in my supplement additions it is always after a few hours of research on them.


Berberine is recommended by physiolojik.


I always read high shbg needs more T dose. Lower doesn’t need as much. Injection protocol wise never tested or read about that… frequency was always for guys with estrogen issues.


And there are exceptions to every rule. I argue the point that higher T doses DO NOT ALWAYS reduce SHBG. Every situation is different.


Yah I know. I’m just glad I don’t need to worry about it. It’s jsut good to have this information to reflect upon when the time comes.


Higher t doesn’t reduce shbg. Higher insulin lowers shbg. So we have to look at way more than testosterone levels - that being said, there is a seemingly large desire here to major in the minors. I can get super specific and start talking about patients having mutations in COMT which a lot of you do which is why you have issues with libido and a non working dick but none of you guys want to deal in neurotransmitters - only in f’ing testosterone and anti e and HCG (l most guys who contact me and see me in person want to use HCG to have larger testicle size as if it fucking matters). Deal with the basics first. 2x versus 3x a week injections are not going to matter. You guys are mentally telling yourself it’s going to help with stuff when in fact it’s not your damn frequency that’s doing a damn thing

All of you guys going to TRT chop shops - ask your doctor about COMT and listen to silence. Yet these are the things that really figure out success or failure with hormone therapy. Also ask them about mutations in MTHFR and here the same thing.

Your libido is indirectly tied to testosterone yet directly tied to dopamine and serotonin. You guys are chasing your tails.

For All You Guys Asking about Libido

Your the expert, but you are mis understanding why it’s being said. I personally don’t live by this rule.

While injections more T Your not trying to lower SHBG. I know some say this is what happens. I have no experience there, but a man with higher shbg converts less T to free t and even e2 right? So that man would need more T to get more free t. That’s it… I don’t know about the micro dosing and it’s effects in relation to shbg, but I know crissler was the first doc I heard talk about this in detail within one of his videos. It makes sense. In practice not sure. Maybe someone can share there experience.


I have double COMT mutation which I think is the cause of my problems. I am waiting on results of urine catecholomines test to see if they are elevated. Do you think that test is useful?

How do you treat COMT? I am supplementing 5-HTP to try and reduce dopamine and therefore norepinephrine


Actually higher shbg doesn’t mean less conversion. It is bound to a transport protein. There is a weird idea here that when t is bound to shbg it becomes inert. That is BULLSHIT. It can be transported via shbg and then - wait for it - unbound - if it isn’t cleared by the liver. Also shbg can change by 500% yes - five hundred - in one DAY and people base their protocols off it. Crazy.

Is 50mg per Week Too Low? My Doc Doesn’t Think So.


This is new information I’ve never heard it before. I’m actually doing a dna test and I think it will give me some gene data… if not I am going to look into it. I want to learn more about this.


Interesting thanks for sharing. This is all new info so don’t get too frustrated. That’s why we are glad to have you doc!