Boron - All My Patients Use It and So Should You

I could go on and on about why boron matters.

Here is just one study. Every single patient begins boron treatment 6 weeks after testosterone

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What sort of dosages for those on TRT and those not please?


How to use with trt age 31

I think 9-12 mg a day.

Would also like to hear your thoughts on dosage, and why the 6 week delay before they start.

Also, do you have them ‘front load’ boron before dropping to a maintenance dose or just consistent throughout?

Also is there a specific form that you recommend taking? i.e liquid vs tablets?

Now foods Boron. Is this the proper product ?

This is the one im looking at

It is difficult to say a dosage - especially when you start with “9”. I read that 10 should be an upper limit per day. I have also seen an article mentioning 20mg per day … however I am skeptical about that dose.

There is only ONE supplement that I am aware of that has 6mg per two capsules. The rest usually have 3 mg elemental boron per two capsules. That means, to start with 9mg, you are taking six capsules per day. Not bad as long as you are not taking a handful of other supplements with it.

I have talked about the 6mg BIO IMMERSIONS supplement before, yet I am still not taking it because of how many bottles of my previous brand that I bought. Amazon no longer has it - manufactuer is Bio Immersion.

[My live link to the manufacturer was deleted by mods. It is easy to find by searching].

BIO IMMERSIONS uses a patented blend of calcium fructoborate which I have written about before as the best, with studies to support that statement.

There is ONE 6mg boron liquid that I am aware of. Apparently it has a “strong metal taste” and must be mixed with some other liquid. I have never tried it as it seems more trouble than it is worth - and is not a calcium fructoborate product. Research boron - the “type” of boron you take does make a difference.

I write on this board often about boron and SHBG; only because I have tested the results with blood work.

It is supposed to lower SHBG which would free testosterone. But it probably increases estrogen by the same mechanism.

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I use 3mg a day in most cases.

I wait 6 weeks after introducing each chemical. Never more than one at a time. Otherwise you have zero idea what’s working.


@physioLojik typically i am a cynic when i read we need to take ____ vitamin (so much BS in the supplement world) … but that link was a good read.

  • do you think we dont get boron in a healthy diet?
  • have you used any boron supps and “felt” a difference?
  • any long term concerns? Desensitizing? Oversaturating?
  • would you need to take Vit D as well with the boron?

Guys low in SHBG probably shouldn’t be using boron.



No it doesn’t, it actually appears to decrease circulating estradiol. This means it probably either

  • affects the aromatase enzyme somewhat (blocks conversion somehow, competitive inhibition or something)… Doubtful
  • affects the clearance rate of hormones (I’m betting this one)

SHBG doesn’t matter if it isn’t associated with any medical pathology. It fluctuates based on a myriad of factors that can change on a daily basis.


Interesting. Thanks for pointing this out. Is there any information by how much FT was increased? There is a study that mentions something close to 30% after seven days and 9 mg daily.

Boron isn’t new. It’s been around for ages.

I remember a decade ago it was the new thing in terms of bodybuilding. It’s old news.

Haha yea I took it for a couple months when I was about 12 after reading the exact study I just posted lol.

Doesn’t mean its not an effective supplement. Vitamin D is old news too but nearly everyone that posts blood work with vit d is deficient.

Personally boron was off my radar until this post so its new to me!


How do we know they are deficient? What are we measuring? Are they not getting enough or burning through the Vit D they get

Blood test. And the level is the level and if its low then they don’t have enough. Some can’t convert sunlight to D and some just dont get out without sunscreen enough of supplement at all/enough.