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Born without Upper Pectorals?


I was wondering if it's possible being born without clavicular pectoralis?

Everytime i do an incline movement , i almost never feel it in my chest only on the middle and its slightly. I've tried switchkng the incline to lower,medium,high and even tried prehausting the area with incline flys. Nada. Also i notice that when i flex my chest theres kind of a gap on the upper sides and i also feel no chest insertion there either..

posted a picture of the area i'm talking about.


post a picture of your chest...


You have them. It just takes time to develop them.


You sure man? I've seen track runners in my school who don't even bunch let a lone incline bench with that area filled.


Lol you don't have Poland Syndrome.

Just keep at it. Hit Chest twice a week with an emphasis on upper.

Incline Dumbbells
Incline Flies


Trust me. Keep at it. It'll fill out in time. Can't expect one thing to be well developed if you're not well developed all over. Get stronger and eat. Don't expect everything to grow at the same pace.


Stupid question. You'd have obvious defects.


there was a guy who used to fight in the ufc who didn't have upper pecs. man he looked gross.




I know someone without a right upper pec, so it is possible I guess.




just out of curiosity, if you had no upper pec insertion, where would the top of your pecs um insert? serious question. curious about the anatomy of something like that.



Try shrugging your shoulders up toward your ears as you press up the bar or dumbbells.
Do this on either flat bench or with a SLIGHT incline - no incline presses.
This action shifts the load to the upper pecs.

I don't know your current protocol, but as an experiment go to failure for 3 or 4 sets.

Next day, see if you're sore up there around your clavicle. You'll know if you have upper pecs!


Anything is possible, but it is much more likely that you just need more mass all around.

Other then that, check out this thread on the same subject:


pre exhaust that area with some cable incline flies and cable incline presses

big squeeze and the top

or you could try themth crossover where you start a cable crossover at shoulder height and do a scooping motion that finished overhead

that will light up the clavipecs


This whole issue is because you're nearly 6 feet tall and weigh less than 160 pounds. Period.

You just need more time and patience. You do not need to use special techniques or worry about anatomical defects.

Keep training and keep eating, and check back on this "issue" when you weigh 210 and "flat bench 5 x 125, Incline db press 7 x 35, Incline flye 8 x 15" is part of your warm-up, not your top sets.



My nephew was born without upper pecs. Its barely noticeable and he's fairly strong for someone who doesn't lift. He hit 225 for a couple reps just goofing off at my house but he's pretty thick naturally.


? That is a loss of his pec major. He was on a car accident as a child.

What is the deal with people logging in stating people were born without upper pecs? There would be larger deformities included with that if they were born that way.

Most likely is they are just skinny.


Post pictures. If he barely lifts, how do you know atrophy from absence?