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Born with Nothing, Die with Everything

Just opened my own full time mma gym with powerlifting/olympic lifting equipment.
Keeping this log for my own personal use.
Bodyweight 70kg/155lbs
Rock bottom ATG Squat 60kg with 150kg of chains 5x1
Cossack squat 80kg chains on neck 3 reps each side

Military press 60kg 4x10
Last set was close to failure, but have been doing 50kg for a while so am pleased!

Ab rollouts with 4x20kg chains 8.5 reps

Pull up drop set 4x20kg chains 3,3,3,3,2

Push up dropset with 4x20kg chains 20,5,5,5,5

Going to keep the same rep scheme for push up chain drop set in future.
would like to be able to do 5 reps on all pull ups to get a pump, so might drop it down to 3 chains.
good session

Squat 60kg with 150kg of chains 5x1
ab rollout with 10kg vest and 30kg of chains 1x10
pull up dropset with 80kg, 60, 40, 20, bodyweight - 1 rep, 2,2,3,2
deadlift 160kg x1 - max is much higher but was just demonstrating for my students
triple clap push ups 1x10

Squat 60kg on bar with 150kg chains (210kg) 5x1
Pull up drop set with chains 60kg,40kg,20kg,bodyweight 2,2,3,4
Pull ups drop set with 2 chains, cant remember reps
pull ups with body weight 10 reps

My student was doing deadlifts today so I had a go,
Deadlift 180kg 1x1,
great lift after squatting heavy near max for 5 sets and lots of pull ups, I think I will get 200kg within 1 month, but I am in no rush, it certianly wasnt max since i did so much leg and back work before hand.

Where is your gym? If you say East Los Angeles, California I will be stoked. But, the chances of that happening are very slim.

Floor press 60kg = 120kg chains 5x5
Standing military press 60kg 5x5
Weighted ab rollouts 10kg vest and 60kg chains 1x10
Push up chain dropset 20,5,5,5,5
Delt triad with 5kg 1 set

Session two days ago -
Clean and Jerk 100kg Took 15 attempts and 14 misses but got it finally.

Today workout, put together my bench in my gym
100kg 2x5, 130kg 1 rep, did some bench press with chains too but cant remember the weights.

going to do chain bench presses with 100kg aweight and 100kg chains, i think thats what i did today, doing that sunday, with push workout.

been just testing the waters.
2 years no weightlifting, and 200kg deadlift, 100kg clean and jerk, 130kg bench press. not bad at 70kg bodyweight.

Deadlift 210kg x1
Squat 150kg x1
Bench press 140kg x1 and 110kg 3x5