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Born with 1 Testicle

Hello everyone,

I was born with an undescended testicle which then had to be removed because it was already detoriated. I am living with 1 testicle at the moment. My libdo is just below normal, i always experience fatigue, deppression and low energy levels. I am 28 years old, i am 6.2 and 92 kg. I workout 5 days a week and i have decent muscle mass but with love handles and belly fat (girly figure). I went to get my bloodworks and below are the results:-

TT 13.39 nmol/L NORMAL (8.64-29.0)
E2 73.4 pg/ml LOW (94.68-222.76)
FT 0.0842 ng/ml NORMAL (0.057-0.178)
FSH 1.8 mIU/ml NORMAL (1.5-12.4)
LH 4.4mIU/ml NORMAL (1.7-8.6)

I didnt have kids yet and i dream of having some one day, so i really want to keep my 21 million sperms alive until i do (as per my last semen analysis). I messed up myself doing two things in the past :-
1: 9 months ago, i did a prohormone cycle for a 8 weeks and did no pct
2: 2.5 years ago, anavar only cycle with some quality hgh for 6 weeks and no pct.
I was young and stupid.

I dont know if i should start TRT or should i do a HPTA restart protocol or is this me originally because i have only one testicle. When i go to any endo they say you are fine , there is nothing wrong with you because your numbers are in normal range. I felt better then this before when i was younger. I really need help! I am alone in this world and i dont even have family around me to guide me or support me. I would really appreciate any sprt of help!

Look at HCG 100-150units every 3-4 days while trying to enhance. It will squeeze your one ball to produce more T. If on gear, It protects your ball from shutting down.

Your levels might be in the normal range, but your hormones aren’t normal given your age. Your E2 is low because Free T is low.

The problem with doctors these days is they treat everyone like we are all the same, but we are not the same. You’ll notice members here on T-nation feel relief of low-T at very different hormone levels.

Your endo doesn’t know what he’s talking about, few do. An HPTA restart isn’t necessary, your issue is you only have one testicle.

Doesn’t HCG just move the feedback problem upstream? Now your Luteinizing Hormone feedback loop is compromised.

Thank you very much for your reply, system.
I agree that we are all not the same and cant be treated like we are.
May i ask the following :-
1- Do you advice me to start trt and do you think i will be able to maintain my fertillity until i have kids? Or is it too risky?
2- I was thinking of freezing my sperm and starting HCG protocol to see how my testicle would respond but the question is, assuming it responds well and i feel better with a bit higher testosterone, would it remain at the new levels after stopping the protocol or it goes back down? I dont think its worth it feeling better for sometime and then going back again down the same road? Do you agree?
3- last question, i have read some forums of people saying that if you cycle testosterone for sometime, lets say 8 weeks, your body will react to this increase in muscle mass and will force your testicles to produce more testosterone, so you end up having better blood work tests than before you started. Is this true?

Appolgies for the long questions and thanks again.

I would really like to know the answer to this question. @Med_Pro

You are worried about saving your last testicle…

High levels of testosterone affect upstream regulation. HCG affects downstream production and forces the pituitary to excrete LH regardless of testosterone levels. This is why HCG is protective of testicular function in testosterone and spermatogenesis during cycle.

HCG is a safe and efficacious alternative or adjunct to TRT in men desiring to preserve fertility while treating their hypogonadism. HCG can also be used help restore spermatogenesis in men hypogonadal hypogonadism or steroid induced impairment of spermatogenesis.

Exogenous steroid use impairs spermatogenesis by promoting negative feedback on both the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

The regulation of testosterone is controlled to maintain normal levels.The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland control the amount produced by the testes. The function of testicular testosterone production is not diminished by increased signaling demand. The testicles can only produce 7 mg/day but with Hcg, an increase in intra-testicular testosterone by 26% is not uncommon.

In response to gonadotrophin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland produces luteinising hormone to the gonads and stimulates testosterone.

Increased testosterone, feeds back to suppress gonadotrophin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus which, in turn, suppresses production of luteinising hormone by the pituitary gland.

Regarding your earlier steroid use, Chronic elevated testosterone shuts down the release of luteinising from the pituitary, which decreases of testosterone produced within the testes causing shrinking. Receptors like Androgen or GABA action potential receptor decay synaptic current prolongation from chronic AAS abuse may be better compared to organic and functional processes involved alcohol consumption. Prolonged, heavy abuse will have effects on the neurons that potentiate GABA. However in many cases, synaptic equilibrium returns for many having suspension of affecting substance. However 5000iu HCG is a common, successful therapy in fertility clinics to overcome deficiencies.

You say you have belly fat that prompted this post your not happy with.
Belly fat in men with love handles can be a definite sign of aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. Free Testosterone will show lower and total estrogen despite estradiol will be higher.
Fat cells become their own endocrine system and regulate estrogen production from testosterone. Using AI’s will help. Fat cells are like cancer. They fight to stay alive and grow despite increased metabolic rate from increased muscle mass. You can shrink the cells through diet and increased HIIT training especially when in a fasted state. Fat cells love glucose and triglycerides! Do what ever you can from spiking insulin. Eat low or no glycemic foods.

Increase in muscle mass, increase in androgen receptors, increased metabolic rate, increased caloric threshold. As far as increased Testosterone? Simply put, Yes.
Hope this helps!

Not an issue if you are using HCG. Upstream regulation wont effect injection of HCG into your belly! You are in control when you decide to inject. Your not dependent on your bodies endocrine equilibrium when you inject.

I like to keep HCG reasonable at 50-150iu per injection for testicular testosterone production. If for fertility, 5000iu or more can be indicated.

No guarantees! Only educated, risk assessed choices you make.

If you have funds for sperm cryostorage, you have money to visit endocrinologists, urologist, etc. Right? Stay safe!

Most men regain fertility on a cycle of clomid after a brief break from TRT, you can also use HCG and FSH for fertility purposes while remaining on TRT. The loss of fertility is reversible in most cases. Than again there are men on TRT fathering children without HCG or clomid.

Freezing sperm is always a good idea.

No, exogenous testosterone shuts down the HPTA and leydig cells in the testicles which is reversible using HCG which will give you some testicular testosterone and estrogen on top of the exogenous testosterone.