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Born That Way

The bias inherent in the way this was written aside, there are some significant implications here… And as much as this was written in disparage the right vernacular, these implications are not going to be good for the leftist, assuming this all comes to fruition.

Everything is an x-phobia now!


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[quote]pushharder wrote:
I believe the two concluding paragraph’s show Hibbing’s bias. He leaves the land of science, becomes emotive and shows his hand.[/quote]

And shows how he will deny his own findings, assuming it is genetic.

As it appears, and I agree with your perception, when rubber meets the road and he has to follow his own rule book, he will run up against some serious cognitive dissonance.

Because diversity of thought and opinion is mutually exclusive to leftist ideals.

The next big movement will be citizen to nation matching through testing via goofy looking headgear and DNA.

Conservalandia and Libertopia.

Now, how to divide the US up into two? One a natural habitat for the liberal sub-species, and one for the conservative subspecies?

I wonder how the subjects feel about Beethoven.