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Born-Again Christian Divorce Rates



"Is Divorce A Sin?

Although Bible scholars and teachers point out that Jesus taught that divorce was a sin unless adultery was involved, few Americans buy that notion. Only one out of every seven adults (15%) strongly agreed with the statement ?when a couple gets divorced without one of them having committed adultery, they are committing a sin.?

A similar percentage (16%) moderately agreed with the statement. The vast majority ? 66% ? disagreed with the statement, most of them strongly dismissing the notion."


O god not a-fucking-gain.


What exactly would be the point of this post? Do you want our opinions?

If it ain't workin' move on.

I could care less why 2 people divorce, nor would I judge anyone. My real concern is the kids and how the adults act and respond to the kids


So? If you are going that route, we are all sinners anyway? What's the problem with throwing yet another log on the fire?


As long as it's not two dudes getting divorced or fuzz bumpers, I don't see the problem.


"For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." That's in Romans, so it looks like you could be on to something.


Just another boring attempt to ridicule Born-again Chrisitans and salve your consciences as to why you won't believe.

After all if "born agains" divorce and thus sin, then they are no better than me........?

Well, perhaps. Either they are truly born-again and are in sin but will be saved at the end, or they are not saved.

No matter -- each of us is accountable to God.

So, I give the original poster a 2 out of 10 for a good attempt to berate Christians, but sorry, it will fail as always.

By the way, it does seem from looking at all of the posts, that only Christians who believe the Bible are allowed to be berated and ridiculed. Why is that, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?


Because you don't believe in the might and majesty of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (praise to His noodly appendage), then you are destined for denial into the land of the beer volcano when you die.

All your silly notions of Christianity are just means to deal with your denial of the One Real Truth. I wholeheartedly beg you to let go of your brainwashing you have received as a child, and embrace the goodness that is piracy, wenching, and meatball-sauce joy.


PS Happy Easter. Try to lighten up a little.


Good job steveo!

Matthew 5: 11, 12.


Thanks Zeb!

Praise be to God!


there is no need to ridicule BAX's.

None what so ever.

It has lost all of its glamour it used to have.

Oh, the nostalgia.


Come on, i doubt it said "good job stevo" in Matthew 5!


Divorce is more prevalent in the 'bible belt' than anywhere else in the country.

So what?



Well, the word "hypocrite" springs to mind.

And also the phrase "the see the splinter in somebody elses eye".

And also, how easily they shrug off their own responsibility.

You sum that all up, and you get the typical Republican voter.


You stereotype quite well for an "open minded" liberal.


I do not want to defend anyone but...

We are all hypocrites at some point.

The biggest scoundrels seem to invoke religion every chance they get.