Boris Sheiko Meets Louie Simmons

Uptdate From Boris Sheiko’s official facebook page (shared by Dave Tate):

"Honored Russian powerlifting coach Boris Ivanovich Sheiko talks about
meeting with Louie Simmons in Westside Barbell gym (Columbus, OH)
(translated by Rostislav Kharchenko):

In the morning of August 16th we departed from Atlanta Georgia to
Columbus Ohio in order to meet a powerlifting legend Louie Simmons. We
drove by car, so it took us 11 hours to get there. It was after midnight
when we were at the hotel. I was baffled when our American friend and
guide Jance Footit told us that at 5:30 we had to leave the hotel in order to meet Louie
because he will be waiting for us at 6 am at breakfast place. It was a
shock to me since no powerlifting coach in Russia would start their day
at 6 in the morning.

We arrived to the diner 5 minutes before opening,
but Louie was already there and waiting for us. I was very anxious while
walking in. We all joined Louie at his table. Literally in couple
minutes his athletes started joining us as well. I asked Louie why his
lifters come so early for breakfast. It appears that they have a
tradition – during training days they all have breakfast together and
discuss their training plan for a day, which muscles they are going to
train, intensity, volume etc. Right after breakfast they go to Westside.
By the way lifters don’t pay for themselves since Louie picks the bill
for everyone’s food. Louie was very eager to answer all my questions. It
was obvious that he could talk endlessly about powerlifting. During
conversation over breakfast 3 hours went by incredibly fast. After
breakfast we went to famous Westside Barbell.

First thing I noticed after arrival was that there were no posters, ads or photos on the
walls. Only big black board with weight classes, names and records. A
lot of them had ‘WR’ written next to them. With great jealousy I was
looking at a huge number of various machines, many of which were
developed by Louie himself. I examined every single one of them. Louie
explained purpose of each machine and showed how it works using his
lifters. Of course we discussed his world famous training methods. Louie
was very interested in my programming and principals as well, very
carefully trying to catch every word of our interpreter. We didn’t argue
whose training methods were better or whose students are stronger. We
just discussed the ways we train athletes and were enjoying it. There
was no confrontation since after giving over 40 years to sport two
elderly guys (Louie turns 70 next year and I’m 2 years younger) have
nothing to prove to each other. And I felt it brings us together.
Another 4 hours went by unbelievably fast and we had to go to our hotel
to prepare for our next seminar in Ashland University.

After Westside Barbell Louie invited us to his main office where I was amazed
once again by the huge amount of produce that Westside provided: sports
uniform, t-shirts and lots of books written by Louie. Louie gave me a
royal gift – 5 of his books and a bunch of t-shirts. Upon departure I
told Louie: “I understood that there is still so much I don’t know in
powerlifting training”. Thank you, Louie!"

As someone commented: If two legends can still keep an open mind and learn from each other I have no idea what everyone else’s problem is.


Wait a minute, where is the part where they bitch and moan about gear vs. raw, which federations suck, and who has a mile-high squat? No pointing fingers at who is using drugs and who isn’t?


Right? What the hell were they thinking?? I want my money’s worth!


Dem fanboy feelz right now.They’re just so many :allthethings:

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I would love to hear them honestly critique each others’ methods. THAT would be a very interesting read.

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Two old guys, and a bunch of other goons, hanging around for 3 hours?

I bet their waitress was pissed. Or maybe taking notes?

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I’m just imagining all the food.
They probably go through a whole pigs worth of bacon.
And like, a few hundred eggs?
Now I’m hungry.

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Louie would like how Boris controls volume, and uses general exercises to build general physical preparation.

Boris would like the specialized equipment and techniques Louie borrowed from the Russians. Not “assistance work” but “special strength training means” that strengthen and reinforce the force production of the competition exercise.

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